Meet ‘Coined,’ the First Feature-Length Documentary about Dogecoin and Altcoins

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Meet ‘Coined,’ the First Feature-Length Documentary about Dogecoin and Altcoins

Award-winning director Adam Cornelius and This American Life contributor Chris Higgins have joined forces to produce ‘Coined,’ the first feature-length documentary to cover Dogecoin and other emerging altcoins.

A new cryptocurrency documentary, Coined, will hopefully become the first digital currency related film to be  shown in theaters soon. The film will tell the rise of such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, dogecoin and other altcoins. Coined will also feature personal stories of people, who took part in creating the virtual currencies and taking it to the next level.

The directors, Adam Cornelius and Chris Higgins, are running the filmmaking process. Cornelius is the director of ‘Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters’ and ‘People Who Do Noise’. For the first film he was given the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival and the documentary was premiered at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. Higgins is a professional writer, who works with This American Life, Mental Floss, The Atlantic and The Magazine.

The new documentary will not just describe technical aspects of the digital currency and its contribution to the world economy. Although such information is rather important, it could be boring for watchers. As the directors did not want to make a boring film, they decided to include personal stories of those, who participated in the creation of digital currencies.

They said: “We’re focused on the personal stories of the people directly involved in creating cryptocurrencies and building the communities that surround them. The media usually focuses on fear-mongering (“Bitcoin was used to launder money!”) or hype (“this changes everything!”). We’re cutting through the noise to tell more personal stories, which are just as fascinating.”

The film will mainly cover bitcoin and dogecoin. Still, Cornelius and Higgins are willing to include more coins, among others RonPaulCoin, Vertcoin, Ripple and Darkcoin.

The filming process has already started. The directors gained over 3.5 million doge through crowdfunding. The sum will be used for their trip to Talladega for May 4 NASCAR race where they are planning to interview Josh Wise, a dogecar driver.

In addition, the documentary will feature interviews of dogecoin creator Billy Markus, dogecoin tipbot founder Josh Mohland and other bitcoin entrepreneurs and activists. Furthermore, the interviews with companies and business owners that incorporated bitcoin and dogecoin will be included.

Coined makers hope to raise $72,000 via Kickstarter to finance filming, travel, legal, and marketing expenses. Besides, people can help the project by sending their dogecoin directly to the film creators.

The shooting is expected to last until the end of 2014, while post-production is set to be finished at least in the end of 2015.

Cornelius and Higgins expect to demonstrate Coined on film festivals and want it to be released in theatres, what would provide a significant exposure to the digital currency.

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