PayPal Conducts Bizarre Bitcoin Survey

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PayPal Conducts Bizarre Bitcoin Survey
According to Reddit's user Swiftboatvet, who uploaded screenshots the survey to the Imgur, there appeared '4-5 pages comparing PayPal to Bitcoin,' with questions pertaining to usability, support and safety, among others. Photo: Swiftboatvet/Reddit

The recent PayPal’s survey, which included questions about Bitcoin, appeared to be rather confused for active bitcoin users.

A recent survey, made by California-based online payment service PayPal, provided sufficient data on Bitcoin. Still, PayPal seems rather uninformed about the digital currency as the Bitcoin questions appeared to be confused.

According to CryptoCoinsNews, one of the Reddit users, u/swiftboatvet, who took part in the survey concerning online shopping and payment services, said some of the questions were referred to Bitcoin.

Moreover, the survey included direct comparison between PayPal and the cryptocurrency.

The u/swiftboatvet user, who showed some of the survey’s screenshots via an online image hosting imgur, said that about 5 pages included comparison between PayPal and Bitcoin. The questions related to such aspects as the support, safety and usability.

Still, the questions were more applicable to PayPal, rather than Bitcoin, what made the asked comparison almost impossible.

For example, one of the questions provided a 1-10 rating for PayPal and Bitcoin of the statements, including “Is easy to set up an account,” “Is easy to make changes to my account,” “Is an easy way to pay online,” “Is easy to locate as a payment option,” “Is the safest way to pay online” and others.

It of course would be difficult for an active user of Bitcoin to answer these questions if for no other reason than because Bitcoin has no such accounts. PayPal perhaps meant wallets on exchanges or trading accounts, but it was not clarified.

The following questions, each provided with 1-10 rating, presented the same misconception, such as “Keeps me up to date” and “Resolves account issues quickly”.

As CryptoCoinsNews noted, the confusion is due to PayPal’s wrong understanding of Bitcoin. PayPal treats Bitcoin as a service, not as a currency and Reddit users expressed their opinion just after the screenshots were published.

The most read and popular comment was made by u/MyNameisGoxxy: “brb…making some changes to my bitcoin account.”

Notably, while eBay is considering Bitcoin future adoption, such Bitcoin entities as Coinbase and Bitpay draw customers away, particularly in the sector of international payments.

However, the fact that Bitcoin is so relevant to PayPal, which is considering its future integration, makes this strange survey release even more surprising.

Moreover, the spheres, where Bitcoin and PayPal can be competing, for instance, international payment fees, were not covered in the survey.

According to u/swiftboatvet, the Bitcoin questions appeared after Bitcoin was selected in an earlier question. Still, the strange wording of the later questions is unknown.

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