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First Photos of the NASCAR Dogecoin-Sponsored Car Released

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
First Photos of the NASCAR Dogecoin-Sponsored Car Released
Photos of the finished 'Dogecar,' as some are calling it, were tweeted by Phil Parsons Racing yesterday. Photo: Phil Parsons Racing/Twitter

Last month, members of /r/Dogecoin, a subreddit dedicated to the meme-inspired cryptocurrency, helped raise more than $50,000 for NASCAR driver Josh Wise

Only a month ago, Josh Wise was a Nascar driver that struggled with a lack of sponsors until he was noticed by a dogecoin community, who saw the chance to get promotion.

Members of /r/Dogecoin, a Doge meme-inspired digital currency, raised over USD 50,000 for Josh Wise. His number 98 race car will spot a Dogecoin image during the Talladega Superspeedway race on May 4th.

An illustration of Shiba Inu dog logo features on both the hood and rear bumper of the vehicle.

Besides Shiba Inu dog face, the car features a rocket ship and the phrase “To the moon”, which are used for the popularity of Dogecoin.

Phil Parsons Racing tweeted photos of the finished Dogecar yesterday.

According to Ben Doernberg, a member of the Dogecoin Foudation, fundraising for the sponsorship was done in record time. It is the largest fundraisers they have done to date.

Doernberg said: “We are all about fun and goofiness. At the same time, we want to make sure that digital currency is really giving back to the world. We do feel like this is a technology that can make the world a better place, and we want to put that into practice by doing fundraisers.”

The dogecoin community has built a reputation for unusual fundraisers. It also helped Olympians from India and Jamaica to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics this year. The community has also raised cash for a drought-stricken region in Kenya to set up new water wells.

An ethical coffee shop and creative space has recently received help from Manchester dogecoin community in the UK. Moreover, Banksy-like character known as “Hood” has given thousands of dollars in dogecoin currency to address social injustice in California.

The stunning exterior design of the race car is forecasted to attract more attention to dogecoin.

If Josh Wise receive enough support from the public, the Dogecar is likely to make an appearance at the Spirit Cup Series All Star race. Participation in the competition is allowed for the previous year’s winners, two finishers from a qualifying race and the driver with most of fan votes.

The dogecoin race car will be made into a die-cast 1:24 scale car as part of the agreement between Nascar and Lionel Racing Collectibles. Nascar’14 video game fans will be able to race the dogecoin car for themselves after it is added in the DLC pack.

Ed Martin, developer of the video games, expects to see more technology-oriented partners involved in Nascar. In addition, it will bring more attention to Nascar.

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