Meet HOQU, the World’s First Decentralized Performance Marketing Solution

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Meet HOQU, the World’s First Decentralized Performance Marketing Solution
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The blockchain platform is expected to revolutionize the future of internet marketing by addressing the main problems existing within the industry today.

In today’s world, where everything is digitized, it is getting impossible for any business to survive without online presence. The budget volumes companies dedicate to digital marketing campaigns significantly exceed those spent on TV ads.

The industry is growing at an unprecedented level and has changed a lot over the last few years. The marketing model currently employed by such platforms as AirBnb and has experienced widespread adoption and is already used in almost every sector. Known as affiliate program, the business model involves a company that serves as an intermediary between the advertiser and the consumer and is responsible for the results of the ad campaign.

The main concern regarding this type of advertising is the lack of trust between the parties, as both advertisers and affiliates expose themselves to a risk of fraud. Besides, almost half of marketers’ budget is usually spent on high commission fees charged by affiliate networks.

HOQU is a new Russian startup that aims to solve these problems by offering the world’s first decentralized marketing platform. The system eliminates the need for third party, allowing merchants and affiliates connect directly via the platform. By using the blockchain technology, HOQU not only ensures complete trust between users, but offers lower fees if compared to traditional affiliate networks.

“HOQU’s mission is to make affiliate marketing fairer for everyone involved, and to set new standards of transparency and efficiency in the industry. Its goal is to make internet marketing easy and profitable for merchants, affiliates, and affiliate networks, everywhere in the world,” said HOQU CEO, Alexey Shmonov.

The platform is based on a CPA (cost per action) pricing model, what means advertisers pay only for real action, including a click, registration, or a sale. This allows users significantly reduce budget that goes on marketing campaigns. Due to low fees, the platform is a great marketing opportunity for beginning entrepreneurs with a constrained budget.

With HOQU, advertisers will be able to launch their own CPA affiliate program for any type of service, product, or company. To create an affiliate program, you just need to publish an offer and set a percentage that will be paid to an affiliate, for instance 1% of the sale. Full information about the process is recorded on blockchain, what means it can be easily verified by any of the parties.

The startup has already attracted interest from some prominent investors, raising 2,111 from 11 contributors during the closed phase of a token sale.

On Monday, November 13th, HOQU will launch a weeklong pre-sale to distribute 35,000,000 of its HQx tokens. Early investors will get a bonus of 40%. During a token sale that is planned to run from November 27 till December 26 HOQU will offer a total of 520,000,000 HQx.

Given the rapid growth of the blockchain technology and its integration in multiple spheres of our lives, HOQU has all the chances to lead a revolution in online advertising and CPA marketing.

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