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Meet Tap Project: A Universal Platform for Gamers, By Gamers

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by Jon Buck · 3 min read
Meet Tap Project: A Universal Platform for Gamers, By Gamers
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A new project will allow gamers to keep the rewards they’ve earned and move them seamlessly between games.

The global gaming industry is literally exploding. Devoted fans spend hours on games, pushing the boundaries of what the games can handle, and driving revenue into the marketplace. In 2017, $99.5 bln was spent on gaming globally, and projections see that number rising to $118.6 bln by 2019.

But there’s one reality that unites all the participants in this growing field. Gamers hate losing. It’s a terrible feeling to work all the way through a game, only to find oneself at the bottom of the rankings. The thirst for victory keeps gamers practicing to get better, move faster, and win more.

Ask any gamer, and they’ll tell you that more than losing, they hate what happens when they switch games or platforms. After months or years of work within a single game, and having earned all rewards the game can offer, switching games means all that value is lost. All the work and labor of hours in a game system cannot be transferred between games or moved into the real world.

That is, until now. A new project, called the Tap Project, has been developed by gamers for gamers and promises to change the way the gaming world works and give gamers the freedom they’ve been longing for.

Disruptive to All

The goal of the Tap Project is to unite the gaming world into a single platform that will disrupt all existing gaming systems. By making it possible for gamers to move their in-game currency or rewards between platforms, gamers will no longer lose out on the value they’ve created over months of playing.

The platform functions around an ERC20 compliant utility token, the TTT, which can be purchased and utilized through the currently active token generation event, with each ETH providing users with 10,000 TTT. The event is currently live and will continue through January 20, 2018 (check out the company’s whitepaper).

The Tap Coin will allow gamers to harness their in-game rewards and move those rewards between games, traversing the gaming world through a single universal token. The tokens can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency via exchanges, meaning that gamers can truly be paid to play. The system is “Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all.”

Developer Partnerships

The project also allows developers a unique advantage to provide in-game success points where Tap Coins can be earned. By building smart contracts into games, developers can create ‘Easter Egg’ rewards within games, designed to unlock when gamers reach certain points of success.

The potential for developer and gamer connection has already led to a new partnership being formed, even before the token generation event is complete. Juego Studios has announced a partnership with the Tap Project to build an exclusive mobile game that will make it possible to convert in-game currency to cryptocurrency through the Tap Platform.

By creating a new and connected system that provides freedom to gamers, the company promises to change the way gaming works forever.

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