MEME Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Launched with Futures Trading Based on Web3 System

April 18th, 2022 at 3:41 pm UTC · 3 min read

Recently, MEME Exchange, a cryptocurrency derivative platform, was officially launched and concluded futures trading based on the Web3 system, providing investors with a new experience in futures trading.

MEME is a futures exchange that supports a variety of cross-chain mainstream assets to meet the safety, lightweight, high frequency, and low commission demands of users.

MEME Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Launched with Futures Trading Based on Web3 System

The World’s First WEB3 Exchange

  • Ready-to-use wallet link. No KYC is required, and user privacy is effectively protected. Trade is readily available as long as users open the wallet client and webpage.

MEME Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Launched with Futures Trading Based on Web3 System

  • Web3-based interaction. Decentralized wallet is used to authorize multi-chain stablecoins in transactions. Digital assets are stored on the chain instead of a centralized server.

MEME Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Launched with Futures Trading Based on Web3 System

  • Protected clearance. When clearance occurs, the platform vault will compensate the cleared user at a certain percentage, which reduces transaction risks.
  • Mortgage futures. The exchange supports diversified asset mortgages to improve asset liquidity.
  • Crowd-ordering. Crowd-ordering is win-win cooperation for common profits and doubled rewards that reaches out for the scope of futures trading.
  • Interesting AI-based K line indicators. Novices do not have to be experience-dependent. The exchange provides effective insights into the market industry and a variety of strategies.

Due to the continued outbreak of the COVID-19, traditional financial markets are plagued by uncertainties. The 2021-2022 bull market has seen new investors flock into the cryptocurrency market who seek to hedge their bets on the market with derivatives on underlying assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To some extent, derivatives are highly liquid and efficient products for investors to hedge their positions and reduce the risks associated with the volatility of crypto assets.

About MEME Exchange

Founded in December 2021, MEME is the world’s first WEB3 cross-chain DEX that enables ultra-high frequency futures trading on the basis of asset segregation. MEME was created by a global team of technology and finance experts and engineers, and has received multidirectional support from first-class partners. MEME will provide an amazing and continued service of crypto derivatives innovation in the future. MEME supports trade participated by stablecoin assets based on Ethereum EVM and TRC20 assets of TRON network, such as USDT, USDC and DAI. In the future, more multi-chain crypto digital assets will be included in the co-construction of MEME ecology.

MEME Exchange has provided perpetual futures trading in 13 currencies including BTC, ETH, XRP, SHIB and DOGE, and more currencies will be included successively. Operationally, it supports independent display of futures orders and reversing trade, saving the need for 24-hour tracking and making operation easier.

MEME Gift for New Users

New users now can claim a gift package worth millions, and the reward can be even doubled if they use the wallet to link 10U given by the exchange and invite their friends to join. The first transfer of USDT/USDC into the contract will bring a reward equivalent to 3% of the transferred capital, plus a free clearance insurance.

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