Memorandum Capital has Presented 4 Selected Tech Startups to 80 Representatives of the Korean Cryptosociety

May 30th, 2018 at 9:25 pm UTC · 3 min read

This time the Memorandum Capital team has presented 4 startups to 80 representatives of the Korean cryptosociety, what was followed by an official dinner with 20 representatives of major cryptofunds, venture capital funds, and private investors.

The following startups from Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Singapore, carefully selected from more than 300 European and Asian startups, were presented at the event:

  • TravelerToken, an impressive startup with a dream team (serial entrepreneurs with several exits combined with top-managers from international corporations).
  • Aimedis, a healthtech startup already in use in major hospitals in Germany.
  • Papyrus, an adtech startup with 4 offices on different continents; founded by the creator of the adtech company with the revenue of $400M.
  • Desico, a unique platform to issue, buy and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law.

According to Sergey Vostrikov, one of the Memorandum Capital Partners, a unifying motive for all the participants of the Road Show was to solve real problems on the market with the help of blockchain technologies. It was unanimously agreed upon the fact that all of the participating startups had high potential and opportunity to solve existing problems.

Ivan Alexandrov, Managing Partner of Memorandum Capital said:

“Normally, the number of questions asked after the presentation can help us make assessments whether the audience is interested in startups. So I was thrilled when our Q&A session exceeded the anticipated time limit, and even the time of presentations.”

Currently, the Korean investment market attracts a great number of international blockchain projects, with a lot of them looking for investments via participation in local conferences.

Alexandrov said:

“Successful attraction of investments, especially on the market with such high competition, requires in-depth preparation in advance: one needs to understand the mentality, conduct research of the Korean cryptomarket; of course, reach out to Korean opinion-makers.”

The framework of the event included meetings with leading Korean funds: Blockwater Capital, Hexagon Capital, Blockcrafters Capital, Capital One, etc.

According to the statement made by Memorandum Capital, the most efficient way to establish its presence on the Korean market is to open a branch office in Seoul.

“We are delighted to announce that Memorandum Capital opens its office in Seoul in July and are looking to fill in the vacancies from professionals and crypto enthusiasts from local blockchain community,” read the statement.

About Memorandum Capital

Memorandum Capital is an investment boutique working in the field of ICO and blockchain startups providing the investors an access to the most investment attractive projects.

Memorandum Capital team members have vast experience in the field of classic venture investment, transaction support, daily work with startups: the amount of transactions made by team members and partners exceeds $ 1 billion.


Adel Zabbarov

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