MeshBox is Trying to Connect 3.5 Billion People to the Internet Using Blockchain Tech

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
MeshBox is Trying to Connect 3.5 Billion People to the Internet Using Blockchain Tech
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The Internet is going to be expanded all over the globe. MeshBox is here to solve the problem of poor or zero Internet connection.

Even now, in the 21st century when the Internet is believed to be everywhere, there are still almost 4 bln people who can’t boast reliable and regular Internet connection. Moreover, another 2 bln are constantly risking to lose their Internet access due to some unpredictable external factors like natural disasters and social circumstances.

But a new game-changing player has entered the arena. Meet Meshbox. The company offers a technology that could solve the global problem of insufficient, unreliable or zero access to the Internet connection.

A number of tech giants like Facebook and Google have tried to find a solution for this issue, but they haven’t managed to do it.  Nevertheless. MeshBox is here to provide absolutely a new concept. Utilizing blockchain technology and mesh network capacities MeshBox intends to bring these problems to end and give everyone the benefits that the Internet offers.

A mesh network is a network comprised of nodes connected directly to one another which allows to create a network. In its turn this network provides data routing between nodes without the necessity for external input. Sometimes a mesh network can be used for expanding Wi-Fi coverage. With the help of this concept and blockchain technology as well as support of SmartMesh, Meshbox is going to help 3.5 billion individuals in different corners of the world who have little or no Internet access at the moment.

The solution lies in the combination of the capacities of MeshBox and SmartMesh, which is a box-shaped device acting as the central node in the mesh network it establishes. The box is able to connect two devices or even more and become the connectivity provider for the connected devices.

Moreover, SmartMesh functions as the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and determines how to create and maintain connection within the established networks. Summing it up, we could say that MeshBox acts as the router operating on the protocols designed and defined by SmartMesh.

Blockchain technology that is integrated into the process facilitates the use of tokens as a means of payment for Internet access, access to the network, access to content shared across this network, etc., so, users sharing content across the network can get payment from those who use the content and the network providers are also able to charge fees in tokens for access to the Internet through their network.

The MeshBox project is supposed to be a really promising one that is going to revolutionize the industry. Recently, the company has closed out its fundraising round, reaching a hard cap of 12,000 ETH in a matter of seconds. Behind the project there is a team of strong professionals who believe in what they are doing: the team promised to hold tokens at least for 2 years with no possibility to dispose of them.

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