Messari Acquires Assets of Dove Metrics for Undisclosed Amount

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Messari Acquires Assets of Dove Metrics for Undisclosed Amount
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Messari will use the tools provided by Dove Metrics to monitor top projects and technologies attracting investments in real-time.

Market intelligence provider Messari has announced the acquisition of assets of the leading crypto fundraising database Dove Metrics. While the two parties have agreed on terms, they did not publicly disclose the amount. The acquisition of Dove Metrics forms part of Messari’s push to increase the transparency of its operations.

Dove Metrics Co-Founder, Pierre Chuzeville, expressed his excitement at the acquisition. He acknowledged that Messari was doing on a larger scale what Dove Metrics was doing in crypto fundraising. Thereafter, he noted his interest in seeing how Messari will expand and grow the offering.

According to Vice President of Market Intelligence at Messari, Eric Turner, “the acquisition of Dove Metrics will enable us to offer new datasets and tools that further allow our users to stay on top of industry trends.” Messari will use the tools to monitor top projects and technologies attracting investments in real-time.

About Dove Metrics

Dove Metrics was established in 2020 by Regan Bozman and Pierre Chuzeville. The duo will continue to focus on early-stage investments at Lattice Funds.

Since its establishment, the firm has established a robust database with insights about more than 8,000 investor portfolios. These include angel investors, investment DAOs, venture capitalist funds, corporate funds, and hedge funds.

Additionally, the firm has kept an up-to-date record of crypto funding rounds. Apart from covering about 300 of those funding rounds and about 200 mergers, the firm has recorded insights from about 3000 funding rounds.

Following the acquisition, all of its insights have been integrated into the Messari platform, making them available to Messari users.

Concerns about the Acquisition

Host of Cryptonized, Mark Fidelman, expressed his excitement at the acquisition in a tweet. He said, “(It is) very important to stay up to date on where the VC cash is flowing, especially in the depths of a bear market.”

Meanwhile, several other users expressed mixed feelings about the acquisition. The chief concern was that the insights would no longer be available to the public for free.

Messari charges a premium fee, allowing subscribers–only access to its data. It recently published Q2 reports about the BNB chain and Tezos and blockchain platforms Harmony and Maker. All these reports are available for reading to the platform’s subscribers.

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