Meta Introduces New AI-Powered Tools for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

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Meta Introduces New AI-Powered Tools for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
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All the updates introduced by Meta will help the company compete with OpenAI and its ChatGPT.

Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) has announced the launch of significant AI updates across its applications. Now, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp have “state-of-the-art AI features” for “different things”.

Firstly, Meta introduced new AI stickers that enable users to effortlessly generate customized stickers for their chats and stories on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The feature will work by employing Llama 2 underlying technology and Meta’s foundational Emu model for image generation to turn your text prompts into multiple unique, high-quality stickers within seconds.

Secondly, Instagram users will enjoy restyling and backdrop features. Restyle will allow users to reimagine their images by applying the visual styles they describe, while backdrop will change the scene or background of an image.

Further, Meta is bringing its own AI chatbot – an “advanced conversational assistant” to provide prompt responses to users’ inquiries. Powered by a custom model that leverages technology from Llama 2 and backed by Meta’s partnership with Microsoft Bing, Meta AI assistant offers real-time data and generates photorealistic images from text prompts within seconds. Users will find it helpful in planning a trip with friends in a group chat, getting answers to general-knowledge questions and searching the internet across Microsoft’s Bing to provide real-time web results.

Ahmad Al-Dahle, VP of GenAI at Meta, commented:

“With Meta AI, we saw an opportunity to take this capability and create an assistant that can do more than just write poems. Behind Meta AI, we built an orchestrator. And it can seamlessly detect a user’s intent from a prompt and route it to the right extension.”

Notably, the chatbot is already available for a limited number of US users.

Another update brought by Meta is a cast of 28 characters that are basically bots that feature video reactions from the faces of popular celebrities. These bots include Kendall Jenner – Billie, No-BS, ride-or-die companion, Naomi Osaka – Tamika, anime-obsessed Sailor Senshi in training, Tom Brady – Bru, Wisecracking sports debater who pulls no punches, and more. These bot celebrities are not yet live, they will be limited to the topics they’re meant to talk about.

All the updates introduced by Meta will help the company compete with OpenAI and its ChatGPT.

Meta stated:

“These new AI experiences also come with a new set of challenges for our industry. We’re rolling out our new AIs slowly and have built in safeguards.”

In addition, Meta has introduced AI studio – the platform that supports the creation of Meta AIs. Initially, only people inside Meta will get access to it, but later, coders and non-coders outside Meta will also be able to enjoy it.

In 2024, Meta will also come up with a sandbox to allow anyone to experiment with creating their own AI.

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