Meta Masters Guild Continues Expansion with New Exchange Listings, Staking, and Token Burn Mechanism

March 29th, 2023 at 11:42 am UTC · 5 min read

Meta Masters Guild Continues Expansion with New Exchange Listings, Staking, and Token Burn Mechanism
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Following its successful presale for the MEMAG token, the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem continues to expand with new exchange listings, a new staking function implemented, and a token-burning mechanism on the way.

Meta Masters Guild is on a mission to become the world’s largest Web3 mobile-based gaming guild as it develops a plethora of play-to-earn games for players to enjoy.

In addition to this, Meta Masters Guild can confirm that its game development is on schedule, and there is a new MEMAG NFT store that is currently open. With such a high level of activity around its ecosystem, investors are starting to get the itch as they believe the MEMAG token might see some significant gains ahead of the next bull run.

The World’s Largest Web3 Mobile Gaming Guild

Meta Masters Guild Continues Expansion with New Exchange Listings, Staking, and Token Burn Mechanism

Meta Masters Guild set out to become one of the world’s largest Web3 mobile gaming guilds and is well-positioned to achieve this goal after a flurry of the latest developmental updates. The platform is one of the fastest-growing play-to-earn guilds of 2023 as they look to create fun and addictive games with embedded and playable NFTs, allowing all players to earn a stream of income from gameplay.

A gaming guild is usually a group of players that form together to compete and grow. It can be considered a gaming community that can help provide gamers with training and resources to increase their skill level. Meta Masters Guild puts the community at the heart of its ecosystem, as they know that multiplayer games are nothing without the community. As a result, players will have a voice in the future development of the ecosystem and can be involved in the decision-making process through voting.

All of the games created by Meta Masters Guild incorporate the MEMAG token into their gameplay. As a result, the token has a wide range of utility and has strong growth potential ahead of itself as the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem expands.

Meta Masters Guild: Bringing Fun Back to the Heart of Play-to-Earn

One of the main reasons why Meta Masters Guild stands out is because they are putting the fun back at the heart of the play-to-earn ecosystem. The team has stated that creating fun games is their number one goal and has pledged not to let tokenization and earning potential get in the way of creating fun and interactive experiences for players. With sustainable rewards as its primary focus, the team understands that sound economics requires a stable player base, and players need fun and engaging games to keep playing.

Meta Masters Guild Continues Expansion with New Exchange Listings, Staking, and Token Burn Mechanism

Furthermore, the team believes that the current play-to-earn concept is fundamentally flawed and prefers the term Play-And-Earn instead. They don’t want people to play their games solely to earn an income. The earning mechanisms can’t be sustained if the entire player base is there to seek profits. Instead, Meta Masters Guild wants to create high-quality games that players are willing to spend time and money on to enjoy – earning rewards is an added bonus.

New Exchange Listings, Token Burns, and Staking Implementation

The Meta Masters Guild project conducted a presale for its native token, MEMAG. The presale was highly successful after attracting over $4.97 million in fundraising for the native token.

Following the presale, the MEMAG token was officially listed on a wide range of centralized and decentralized exchanges across the industry. Some of the tier-1 centralized exchanges in the industry it was listed on included BitMart, HitBTC, and With the main decentralized exchange listing on Uniswap.

Well, it doesn’t stop there. Meta Masters Guild has announced that it will continue to attract more exchange listings to expand the options for its community to buy and sell the token. The next listing is expected to have MEMAG listed on both Changelly and Changelly Pro exchanges. The listing is scheduled to occur by March 30, 2023 – helping to expand the MEMAG ecosystem and allow investors to buy the native token using their bank cards with over 40 fiat currency options.

In addition to the exchange listings, Meta Masters Guild continues to expand its ecosystem through its new staking feature and token-burning mechanism.

The staking feature is already live after being released on March 15, 2023. The feature allows investors to lock their MEMAG tokens into the system to earn a yield from their stake. Staking has long been known as a great way of securing a network while simultaneously providing loyal investors with rewards for their effort. MEMAG currently has three staking pools for investors to deposit their assets, and one gives an impressive 75% APY for investors. However, this requires a 7-day lock of tokens and will only be available until the end of April as it’s designed to serve as an initial offer to encourage the update of staking in the system.

Lastly, Meta Masters Guild wants to launch its Token Burning mechanism sometime in April 2023. This token burn will see the MEMAG token being burnt from circulation, reducing the total MEMAG supply and making the token more scarce. The team will be burning a total of 150 million MEMAG tokens, with 50 million being burnt every two weeks. This effort to give back to the community is expected to provide the price with a substantial boost as the MEMAG token becomes more valuable.

Stock Up Before Next Bull Run

With such a buzzing ecosystem, it’s not surprising to learn that investors that purchased MEMAG in the presale continue to stock up on the asset as they prepare before the next bull run.

Overall, the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem is alive with many arms of development helping its ecosystem grow.

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