Meta Shares Fell 4% after Mark Zuckerberg Debuted New Quest Pro VR Headset

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Meta Shares Fell 4% after Mark Zuckerberg Debuted New Quest Pro VR Headset
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Meta has announced the new Quest Pro VR headset with several improvements over the Quest 2. The new headset will sell at $1,500.

Meta (NASDAQ: META) chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has debuted the company’s new virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest Pro. The company’s newest headset will start shipping on the 25th of October, retailing at $1,500 a piece. Surprisingly, the company’s shares fell in midday trading by nearly 4.5% to $127.85 after the announcement. The plunge in share price vaguely suggests that investors are not very excited about the new device.

The Meta Quest Pro is $1,100 more than the previous Quest 2, presumably because it comes equipped with new technology. For instance, Meta Quest Pro includes an advanced Qualcomm mobile Snapdragon computer chip designed for advanced graphics processing. During a demo held at Meta’s research division in Redmond, Washington, Zuckerberg described the new headset as the “highest-end VR device – for enthusiasts, the prosumer, the sort of people who are trying to get work done.”

Features of the Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro’s chip is the XR2-Plus processor from Qualcomm with 12GB of memory, instead of the XR2 with 6GB in the Quest 2. The new headset also has 256GB of storage space instead of the previously designed 128GB and 256GB versions. It is also heavier at 722 grams compared to the Quest 2’s 503-gram weight.

The new headset is a significant improvement over Quest 2, with much better specs than its predecessor. For instance, the screen offers 1800 x 1920 pixels for each eye, with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Meta specifies that the display tech used for the Quest Pro provides more contrast than that of the Quest 2 by at least 75%.

Users can also enjoy impressive eye tracking on the Quest Pro. The device requires users to calibrate the tracking by tilting the headset and adjusting the focus. The inward-facing cameras also let the headset detect each user’s facial expressions, making them transferrable to an avatar. Although it might miss small micro expressions like lip biting and tongue movement, the device captures grinning, blinking, as well as eyebrow and nose movement.

However, these features may come at a steep price, somewhat paid for by the battery. According to The Verge, reports have it that the headset can only last between one and two hours on one charge. In addition, the device takes up to two hours to charge. By comparison, the Quest 2 can last up to three hours on a single charge.

Microsoft and Quest VR

At Meta’s Connect Conference debuting the headset, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about a partnership between both tech giants. Nadella says that the intention is for the Quest VR devices to support several Microsoft work collaboration apps. For instance, Quest will support the Microsoft 365 software and the Team’s chat app. In addition to these, there is also planned support for the Xbox cloud gaming service with games available on Quest. Nadella said:

“You will be able to play 2D games with your Xbox controller projected on a massive screen on Quest. It’s early days, but we’re excited for what’s to come.”

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