MetaDAO Builds Partnership with KVERSO to Create a New Future for Decentralized Social Network

Place/Date: - September 29th, 2022 at 1:42 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: Armonia

MetaDAO Builds Partnership with KVERSO to Create a New Future for Decentralized Social Network
Photo: Armonia

On September 26, a one-stop DAO social platform MetaDAO and a well-known virtual 3D metaverse platform KVERSO reached deep cooperation. Both parties will integrate their respective advantages in products and technologies to build a metaverse social network with an immersive experience and multi-level interaction. MetaDAO platform’s function of creating DAO with one click, the release of DAO tokens and various third-party tools fit perfectly with KVERSO virtual 3D metaverse scene, which will greatly enrich entertainment scenarios and user experience of KVERSO.

It is reported that KVERSO is a virtual 3D metaverse platform based on blockchain technology, supporting various public social and gameplay scenarios in the virtual world, which is dedicated to bringing Kenners (KVERSO metaverse citizens) a new 3D online social + game experience. At the same time, KVERSO is also a DAO tool, and MetaDAO integrates a variety of combinable and accessible DAO tools, which facilitate users to build multi-level and standardized DAO structures while meeting the needs of user interaction, incentive coordination, and community governance. In MetaDAO, KVERSO’s 3D Avatar facial customization and dress-up features will be fully utilized.

In terms of scenario application, the two sides also fit very well. MetaDAO supports one-click creation of DAO, release of DAO tokens and various third-party tools, users can use digital assets (tokens) for repackaging and distribution, DAO knowledge sharing, community exchange, etc., while Kenners can build houses and create NFT in KVERSO. By cooperating, these functions will fully enrich the consumption and trade scenes.

In addition, KVERSO also provides artwork DIY display, KUNO (pet) construction, virtual world shopping, UGC+PGC and other functions, which needs an open platform as an incubator for these innovations. According to MetaDAO team’s development roadmap, the DAO governance token tools, decentralized Twitter streams and other products will be gradually introduced, including DAO treasury management and third-party platforms. It will fully support high-quality DAO projects in terms of funding and communication, and KVERSO will be a pilot project.

MetaDAO, as an important part of ArmoniaMetaChain ecosystem, is a one-stop DAO social platform recently launched by the Armonia team, dedicated to building a decentralized social platform with diversified experiences and functions. Through this cooperation, MetaDAO will work with KVERSO to shape the future of the decentralized social world and provide great experiences for users while Kenners take free exploration of the metaverse.

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