MetaGold Indie Game Studio Releases ‘War of Magi’ Demo on Google Play Store

Place/Date: Moscow, Russia - March 29th, 2017 at 4:46 pm UTC · 5 min read
Contact: Mikhail Solomatin, Source: MetaGold

MetaGold LLC, the Moscow-based indie game development studio has announced the demo release of its latest game title “War of Magi” on Google Play Store. The announcement includes the platform’s plans to develop and launch one of its kind MMO game offerings as a final stretch goal of the crowdsale.

The “War of Magi” is a cross-platform, turn-based multiplayer adventure card game, capable of supporting large numbers of players in the game’s virtual setting. The story follows an aspiring young magician in his quest to master the elements of Fire and Ice to understand the secret behind the hidden knowledge of magic. Players will become the master of war magic and explore dozens of spells whilst improving their magical skills and knowledge. The final release of the game will have a story campaign with 50 missions and a multiplayer option that follows the league system. The gameplay comprises enchanting graphics and visual elements.

MetaGold Studio’s “War of Magi” demo on Android offers a glimpse into an exciting opportunity for players to immerse themselves in a virtual world and crypto-ecosystem that spans across multiple titles. The platform’s unique ecosystem gives players the freedom to buy and trade the in-game currency and items in both virtual settings and online exchanges.

The MEG cryptocurrency is powered by Ethereum blockchain’s ERC20 tokens which form the backbone of MetaGold gaming universe that includes the games like War of Magi, Project X and other future game titles. In addition to being part of the in-game economy, MEG can also be traded on various exchanges. The proof of ownership of in-game purchases like custom skins, characters, booster packs, weapons, etc. is stored on Ethereum blockchain, making it possible for players to trade, sell or store them safely. All MEG token related activities are free from third-party intervention and can be easily verified on the blockchain.

MetaGold MMO

MetaGold’s one of its kind Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, offered as the final stretch goal of the MEG crowdsale creates an ideal confluence of in-game and real-world economies by using cryptocurrency. The MMO supports a player-driven economy using MEG cryptotokens on Ethereum blockchain. Players on the game will enjoy the ability to earn as well as spend the cryptocurrency both within and outside the game.

Imagine a miner within the game, mining all kinds of metals and selling them for actual cryptotokens. A blacksmith buying the metal by paying MEG will then use to craft a sword. Once crafted, the blacksmith can either sell the sword within the game or withdraw from the game and put it up for an online auction. The highest bidder in the auction gets the sword upon paying the bidding amount in MEG. The blacksmith, receiving the MEG from the auction can use the tokens to buy himself new set tools.

An adventurer, who bought the sword, takes it on a quest selected from a board in the village (written by a NPC or an actual person) that may involve exploring ancient ruins for rare ingredients, or to free a particular area from the monster occupation.

The in-game economy works a lot like real-world economics, where even the virtual land and house rights can be bought and sold using MEG both within and outside the game.

The game allows users to have villages, keeps and player factions, wage wars against each other and more, all while using MEG as a currency which also holds value outside the game environment. The MEG tokens can also be implemented in other games, irrespective of whether MetaGold Studios develop them or not.

The MetaGold MMO with a player-driven MEG economy will become a reality once MetaGold reaches the crowdsale’s final goal.

MEG Crowdsale

The indie game development studio has announced the upcoming crowdsale, starting on April 3, 2017, at 0600(UTC). During the month-long crowdsale, MetaGold aims to raise anywhere between $250,000 and $6 million which will be used for further development of the game features and to strengthen its game economy. The successful crowdsale will also mean the launch of a first of its kind cryptocurrency based MMO with a player-driven economy. The price per MEG token during the crowdsale is set at 0.0011 BTC (or its equivalent in ETH), along with early bird bonus slabs that will realize upon completion of the crowdsale.

The first 1 million MEG tokens carry a 20% bonus, which will reduce to 10% for the next 1.2 million MEGs. It will be followed by the third bonus slab of 5%, applicable for the next 1.4 million MEGs. The final tranche of 2.01 million MEGs won’t carry any bonus.

If MetaGold does not reach the minimum target of $250,000 USD, all BTCs and ETHs collected during the fundraising period will be refunded.

About MetaGold

MetaGold is an independent game development studio based in Moscow, Russia. The Three-member game development and distribution team is led by Michael Solomatin as the CEO/Senior Game Developer, Dmitry Kolyshko as the Web Developer/System Admin/Support, and Alexey Terenin as the Game Developer.

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