MetaOasis DAO: One-Stop MaaS Platform Is Believer of Metaverse Creator Economy

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MetaOasis DAO: One-Stop MaaS Platform Is Believer of Metaverse Creator Economy
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In July, MetaOasis DAO announced that they closed a $1.5 million seed round supported by KuCoin Ventures.

The term “metaverse” has driven a wave of technological innovation around the globe over the past year. As an important area where future technological inventions are highly expected, technology giants, venture capitals, and top brands have geared up to expand to the potential trillion-dollar metaverse market. So how can brands and projects grasp the opportunities in the metaverse market? And how can independent creators adapt to the numerous metaverse platforms and take the steps to start their way of BUIDL?

MetaOasis DAO hopes to significantly reduce the entry barriers for brands, projects, and creators through a one-stop metaverse content creation platform. By providing a one-stop MaaS (Metaverse-as-a-Service ) service, user-friendly development tools and the “Metaverse Creators Academy”, MetaOasis DAO is dedicated to becoming an important player and infrastructure for the creator economy in the metaverse.

Bridge of Creativity for Metaverse: Metaverse as a Service (MaaS)

The strategic layout of MetaOasis DAO is divided into stages: short-term, medium-term and long-term.

For brands & projects: MetaOasis DAO will initially focus on the following MaaS services: design and development for a customized experience, providing brand marketing for NFTs, as well as incubating IP assets, to help brands build their ecosystem and establish branding presences in the metaverse. In the meantime, MetaOasis DAO continues to establish its metaverse “Asset Library” (including materials and templates for buildings, characters, items…etc.) that aims to become the tool that helps anyone to turn ideas into creations in the metaverse more easily.

For creators: MetaOasis DAO is working on building tools that help to improve the efficiency of creators. For example, in light of the popularity of voxal-style metaverse platforms, the team is currently developing a tool to easily convert 2D pixel-style materials into 3D voxel models. On the other hand, MetaOasis DAO plans to launch a series of training courses to help creators adapt to the dev tools required to make creations on the different metaverse platforms. Through these training courses, MetaOasis DAO hopes to expand its network of talented creators and developers.

A New Era of Metaverse: The Creator Economy

As the overall macro market experienced a bull-to-bear cycle during the past six months since the project launched, MetaOasis DAO has not swayed its focus from the long-term vision. Through investment and development, DAO governance, NFT IP incubating, and co-branding, MetaOasis DAO has cooperated with many renowned projects from Web 2 and Web 3 spaces.

  • Investment & Development. MetaOasis DAO already has an extensive land portfolio over several metaverse platforms. Meanwhile, its first proprietary game experience:“City Oasis: Special Ops” developed on The Sandbox will be open to the public during the upcoming The Sandbox Alpha Season 3.
  • IP incubation. MetaOasis DAO has launched its first metaverse-native IP NFT series – Zzoopers Genesis, which is the debut NFT project on WindVane – KuCoin’s NFT Launchpad.  Zzoopers Genesis is a collection of 2929 unique animal avatars with different species and personalities. Holders will explore different metaverses along with MetaOasis DAO and unlock fun experiences while enjoying many excitements and surprises such as future airdrops.

One thing to address here is that Zzoopers is not limited to one single metaverse platform. Each Zzoopers PFP comes with an associated Gltf model, which can be adapted to multiple metaverse environments. The team has successfully adapted the model into GTA, MAY, etc., to show its interoperability potentials. MetaOasis DAO wants to take Zzoopers as an example, to show its ability of creating complex metaverse interoperable assets across different metaverses.

  • Branding. MetaOasis DAO aims to make it easier for traditional brands to establish a presence in the metaverse by developing branded metaverse assets. For example, MetaOasis DAO has cooperated with Aston Martin (Shanghai) to design 3D voxel models for some classic sports cars and incorporated them into its metaverse game experience; the team has also helped the Web3 art platform BCA to build its metaverse NFT Gallery to display collections and to engage communities

MetaOasis DAO’s governance token, $MOS, has a maximum supply of 300,000,000 tokens. All the revenue generated from its activities will go into the DAO’s treasury for ecosystem building, community development and rewards to its token holders.

1.5 Million Seed Round

The team behind MetaOasis DAO are blockchain veterans and enthusiasts with diversified experiences and backgrounds in finance, blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, and architectural design.

In July, MetaOasis DAO announced that they closed a $1.5 million seed round supported by KuCoin Ventures. Other investors and angels include Stratified Capital and NFTScan Labs. According to its roadmap, MetaOasis DAO plans to close its private round financing in Q3, and complete IVO (Initial Voucher Offering) of its token on the decentralized platform Solv Protocol and finish listing on DEX sometime in Q4 to early next year.

About MetaOasis DAO

MetaOasis DAO is a metaverse creation platform to help brands & projects, creators and eventually any metaverse users to establish and liven up their presence in the metaverse ecosystems. The goal is to make it easier to establish a presence in the metaverse.

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