Metaverse’s New Infrastructure, New Loot, Published Its Own NFT Following Contract Release and Technical Audit

Place/Date: - September 10th, 2021 at 11:09 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: New Loot

Metaverse's New Infrastructure, New Loot, Published Its Own NFT Following Contract Release and Technical Audit

New Loot is a futuristic gaming infrastructure created on the ETH chain by community players. As New Loot NFT is considered the future of the gaming world, New Loot even created a fair token distribution system. On September 7, New Loot’s NFT was published for the first time after a thorough technical audit. New Loot NFT, the unique NFTs designed by New Loot, can be minted 10,000 pieces for free and players need to pay only the gas fees.

According to New Loot team, the supply is dynamic, and it is increasing at 1000 pieces per month. After the player’s creation of the equipment added to the arsenal, players will be able to mint 10,000 New Loot NFT.

Most of the New Loot development team members are technical engineers with a specialization in wave field ecology and community gaming. Some of the technicians have participated in the early development of coin security public chain and are very familiar with coin security technology application and ecology. Some of them also have rich experience in developing DAPP games. They have developed The New Loot in a way so it has a set of integrated rows equipped with multi-type APP, and a matching interoperation interface.

As a leader of programmable NFT, New Loot provides a model of how to grow rapidly for other meta universe projects, setting a good precedent. New Loot aims evolve and continuously upgrade itself to become the foundation of the future game world. It will be an extensible plate for other game projects in the future. Through New Loot’s fair token distribution system, users can obtain NLT tokens by Airdropping or mark New Loot NFTs. Players can vote through NLT tokens to add items to the New Loot NFT Arsenal.

The aim of New Loot is to become a part of the game on the chain. It aims to allow players to complete the upgrade of game heroes through multiple NFTs and interaction on the chain. It is completely different from the previous chain game. It will affect not only the game, but also the organization form of the whole meta universe in the future.

According to the developers, extreme deflation, algorithm upgrading, automatic dividend sharing by holding money, and the longer the holding time are some of the biggest advantages of the trading pool. New Loot will rely on the new market brokerage system, gather various forces, mobilize private market promotion teams, and constantly expand the user group. They will also carry out normalized and continuous advertising for promoting the NFT globally.

New Loot developers aimed to rethink the value of blockchain, objectively understand blockchain, better position their own situation, and formulate appropriate development strategies. Following the publication of the NFT, they expressed that they want to be the infrastructure for all Metaverse game. Key elements are created by the players and tokens are created by the community. Statistics, images, and other functionalities are intentionally omitted for others to interpret.

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