MetaVisa MESA Token Gets Listed on MEXC Global and has Staking Events on MX DeFi

Place/Date: - February 24th, 2022 at 2:33 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: MetaVisa

MetaVisa MESA Token Gets Listed on MEXC Global and has Staking Events on MX DeFi

MetaVisa, a Web3.0 middleware protocol, dedicated to developing decentralized identity and building up credit systems in the Metaverse, announced an official token listing with MEXC Global, the world’s first user-friendly digital asset service provider, providing real-time prices of crypto tokens.

Before the official listing, MetaVisa has the Kickstarter voting events on MEXC at 2:30 UTC, February 18th, 2022, users have contributed a total of 12,427,055 MX to vote for MESA listing on MEXC, and the airdrop rewards has all distributed to users’ accounts. After the voting session concluded, MetaVisa was successfully listed on February 19th, 12:00 UTC. Users can officially trade MESA token on MEXC Global with USDT for now.

Following the successful launch, MESA’s public market has been performing well and was 3.16x above listing price during all time high within 24 hours. The opening price is 0.06 USDT, and the highest price after listing is around 0.19 USDT.

Besides, to celebrate the listing on MEXC Global, MetaVisa hosts MX DeFi Yield Mining activity exclusively for MEXC users. There will be a total of 200,000 MESA up for grabs.

MX DeFi – Stake MX and MESA to Earn Yield of MESA

Users can stake their MX and MESA to earn a liquidity yield of MESA for 3 days

  • Staking period: 2022-02-19 12:00 to 2022-02-21 16:00 UTC
  • Staking tokens and yield allocation:

MX: no hard cap, a total of 160,000 MESA liquidity yield (80% of the yield pool)

MESA: no hard cap, a total of 40,000 MESA liquidity yield (20% of the yield pool)

  • Entrance: log in to the MEXC official website – “Earn” on the navigation bar – click “MX DeFi” to enter event page – select “Staking”
  • Entry standard: 10 MX, 50 MESA
  • If uses join staking on T day, users can unlock the coin on the T+1 day
  • The yield is calculated daily and distributed to the user’s account the next day
  • Liquidity yield calculation (daily):

User’s daily yield amount = (user’s staking value/total staking value)*yield supply of the day

About MetaVisa

MetaVisa is a Web 3.0 middleware protocol built on Ethereum with a purpose to decentralize identity and credit systems inside the Metaverse. Through the MetaVisa protocol, users will be able to establish on-chain identity credit records for use across various ecosystems. Such identity displays are essential for transparency and trust in the Metaverse, making it easier for DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO and other networks to serve their users better.

MetaVisa is founded by a strong network and team consisting of Jassem Osseiran, an entrepreneur and consultant in the financial services, alternative investments sector and Silent Unicorn, a venture builder that focuses on building, financing and expanding technology businesses globally.

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