Metropoly’s Presale Has Raised over $350k Eyeing a Soldout Much Earlier Than Expected: Why Is Everyone Investing

Place/Date: - January 12th, 2023 at 2:30 pm UTC · 5 min read
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Metropoly’s Presale Has Raised over $350k Eyeing a Soldout Much Earlier Than Expected: Why Is Everyone Investing
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2022 has not been a kind year for the crypto market but to the surprise of many, some projects have done very well with their presales. It goes to show that a good project with a solid use case will always succeed in the crypto market, no matter how bad the conditions are.

One of the most striking presale performances this year comes from Metropoly, a real estate platform that has struck a chord with investors. The platform has raised a lot of money in a very short time and is setting itself up for a great 2023. It’s clear why though, as the real estate market is in need of some drastic change.

Learn why investors have flocked to Metropoly’s presale and what it is doing in its bid to make real estate affordable for everyone.

Metropoly’s Presale a Hit as Investors Clamor for Affordable Real Estate

So far, Metropoly has managed to raise about $350,000 in its presale, which is very impressive given that we are in a crypto winter. It has also managed to do this in a very short window of time, which goes to show that investors are interested in the use case. The METRO token is an ERC-20 utility token with a total supply of 1 billion.

1 METRO token costs $0.05 and the minimum investment is $100. The token can be purchased with USDT, ETH, or BNB. There won’t be much more time for investors to enter the presale as it is quickly running out. Furthermore, if one invests earlier, they receive benefits.

All of these benefits relate to the Platinum Member’s Club. This provides perks like early access to the Metropoly Beta and a Metropoly NFT, among other things. The higher the investment and the earlier one invests, the better the perks. The higher tiers offer perks like real estate NFTs worth $10,000 and cashback on rental income.

The project also has conducted security checks. For example, the platform’s contract code has been verified by SolidProof and the team identities have been verified by CertiK.

Why the Great Interest in Metropoly?

Metropoly's Presale Has Raised over $350k Eyeing a Soldout Much Earlier Than Expected: Why Is Everyone Investing

Investors will gain multiple benefits from investing in real estate via Metropoly.

The vast majority of people do want to enter the real estate market but have not been able to because it is largely unaffordable. Over the decades, the price of real estate has been increasing by a staggering amount, preventing all but the very rich from entering this market.

That is a shame because real estate investment provides a lot of benefits. This includes serving as a hedge against inflation, the diversification of portfolios, and just acting as security for the future.

The fact that Metropoly offers a fractional investment model that makes real estate investment affordable is the reason that the presale is having such success. They no longer have to worry about using high-interest mortgages to obtain a property.

Metropoly offers a real estate NFT marketplace where every NFT is 100% backed by real-world properties. It has really shown what decentralized technology can do to make real estate investment a fairer place for all.

The actual investment process itself is also seamless and much easier to deal with than the traditional paper-based process. It takes only about 20 seconds to complete a property investment, as opposed to the many months it can take with traditional methods. Users need only connect their wallet, visit the marketplace and make the purchase of the various properties. Their options will include premium apartments, penthouses, and villas.

Metropoly has a beta version of the platform for those interested to see how it works. This serves as a good preview into what the final version will be like. Some features that are viewable are auctions, mortgages, and payouts. The properties listed in the prototype are for purely illustrative purposes, but the prototype as a whole is a strong sign of the effectiveness of Metropoly.

The project will add properties from all across the world and these can be purchased from anywhere by anyone. Property types include premium apartments and villas.

There is also a $1 million giveaway of a $1 million premium apartment in the Burj Khalifa that is worth discussing. The team is doing this to raise awareness of the platform and the kinds of properties available. The winner of this apartment could have rental income as high as $100,000 annually. To enter the contest, users will have to perform various social and marketing actions, like tweeting about Metropoly, joining the Discord and/or Telegram channel, and signing up for the newsletter.

Metropoly’s Presale Is Quickly Going to Be Sold Out

The rapid success of Metropoly’s presale is a good indication of where the market is going. Investors want platforms that shake up existing markets and there are very few projects that are doing it as well as Metropoly.

Real estate is an extremely valuable asset to have in one’s portfolio, and Metropoly brings it to the layperson with its fractional investment model. Finally, anyone, anywhere in the world can begin to invest in real estate and earn rental income in a manner that is seamless and convenient.

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