MFTDEX’s Upcoming Token Offering

Place/Date: - November 10th, 2021 at 8:45 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: MFTDEX, Source: MFTDEX

MFTDEX’s Upcoming Token Offering

With BTC going sideways for the last week and major altcoins claiming new all time high, it is more likely the case that L2, AMM and major DApp platforms are next to catch the spotlight. Among those, NFT-related projects will be prime candidates.

It is self-evident that NFT is the greatest buzzword in the crypto world to date. With Facebook (now Meta) going all-in into Metaverse concepts, NFT is poised to reach mass adoption. Indeed,

Crypto giants like Binance, FTX, Houbi have already provisioned their own NFT marketplaces. Coinbase has also announced their plan to skin-in the game. These initiatives are, however, centralised. As any true crypto believer would think, a decentralised NFT marketplace is an even more interesting initiative to follow.

To this end, MFTDEX is presenting itself as a competent contender. The team behind the project sets their aim on  a complete suite of decentralised products for NFT issuance, trade and auction. Furthermore, the platform allows NFT-owners to transfer their assets across various ecosystems, thereby enabling the concept of metaverse, which is arguably the largest trend in tech for the upcoming years.

The roadmap of the project includes multiple exciting releases. Their most basic product is an NFT marketplace that supports both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Coming March-2022, they will provide NFT Auction capability, where artists can issue NFTs on their platform and put them into auction. MFTDex also has plans to dive into DeFi as well, as they are to offer NFT-based Loans by the second quarter of next year. While this already sounds amazing, their ambition goes even further into Metaverse and SocialFi. It will take a full year for them to realise these later parts.

To bring these ambitious releases into reality, MFTDEX is offering their token via their public sale. The main token of the project lives on Binance Smart Chain, and is simply named MFT. The token sale is scheduled to run for 60 days, starting from 16th November. 30% of the total supply, or 3,600,000 MFT, will be offered at $1 per MFT. Ludicrous bonus of upto 60% will be given to the early birds. The team shares that they will post liquidity on PancakeSwap, and defend the token price at the $1 mark, which is a firm reassurance for investors.

In preparation for their token offerings, they will be running their airdrop very soon. Participants can collect airdrop rewards by simply following their social accounts, and share some simple tweets about their vision. Details of the airdrop will be announced in their telegram channel.

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