Microsoft Enters Metaverse Race with Mesh for Teams

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Microsoft Enters Metaverse Race with Mesh for Teams
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With the mixed reality capabilities of Microsoft Mesh, people and organizations will soon be able to meet online from different locations through holographs and animated avatars.

The company has set its goal of releasing the Microsoft Teams metaverse feature by the first half of 2022.

‘Metaverse’ is definitely the favorite word of all crypto enthusiasts at the moment. Not long after Facebook re-branded itself as Meta, thus entering the realm of virtual and augmented reality in a whole new way; Microsoft went one step ahead and announced the Mesh for Teams platform. This collaborative technology will introduce virtual immersive experiences through animated avatars and holographs.

According to Katie Kelly, principal project manager for Mesh, the platform will also help to add more expression to the avatars and will make use of the camera to mimic head and facial movements. This ambitious project will make the meetings more fun in today’s remote mode of working while also building cohesion and personal relations within the team. The idea is to reinvent the bland and impersonal relations at work into something more human-like and fired by actual emotions of togetherness.

Microsoft Metaverse: Mesh for the Teams App

Though the pandemic hit us just a year back forcing companies to collaborate remotely, Microsoft has been in the pursuit of creating immersive mixed reality experiences and digital worlds for 12 years. At its November Ignite developer event, Microsoft announced a solution to the problem of online meetings getting tedious and detached from any real human emotions.

With the mixed reality capabilities of Microsoft Mesh, people and organizations will soon be able to meet online from different locations through holographs and animated avatars. The platform can be accessed through multiple devices like smartphones and laptops and will open doors to a metaverse in itself. In short, organizations and teams can have their own metaverses filled with digital twins of everything from people to places.

The Virtual Metaverse Battle

Metaverse in simple words refers to a virtual environment where with the help of avatars, people and organizations can interact, work and even play games. The future and relevance of Metaverse as explained by Kelly is not very different from the statement given out by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. While Kelly is optimistic about Mesh for Teams opening up an immersive space for collaboration using Microsoft’s existing tools like Together mode and Presenter mode, Mark pointed towards the metaverse’s capability of bringing together friends and families, colleagues through instant teleportation by way of holograms.

In the past, companies like Accenture have already brought the digital into homes with the virtual campus it created with the help of Microsoft’s Mesh. This immersive space is used by employees for casual gatherings, coffee meetings, parties, presentations and even to just bump into each other. Post pandemic, Accenture has built the One Accenture Park, a shared virtual space with a conference room, a boardroom and monorails.

The battle is here to stay as more and more players enter the game exploiting the current need for everything remote. The NFT metaverses have already seen a growing graph with such announcements from the big tech companies. While Ethereum’s NFT metaverse game, The Sandbox, noticed a 244% growth post the announcement of Meta, the metaverse token MANA rose by 100% during the same time.

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