Microsoft Announces Support for the Astar Incubation Program

Place/Date: - March 10th, 2022 at 4:57 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Astar Network

Microsoft Announces Support for the Astar Incubation Program
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Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies globally and a strong market leader across various market segments with a diverse range of products, has announced it is supporting Astar Network to build and implement the Web3 future via the Astar Incubation Program.

As part of this collaboration, Microsoft and Astar Network will work together on the Astar Incubation Program. Microsoft will provide a wide range of resources, including marketing support and mentorship network to selected startups in the Astar Incubation Program to help them succeed in the global market.

Selected technology projects will have exclusive access to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, which removes traditional barriers to building a company with free access to the technology, coaching, and support. Founders will receive guidance from mentors in every field, from technology to go-to-market strategy, and gain access to capital investment. Incubated projects will become ready to onboard potential business customers and maximize market influence with Microsoft’s support from day 1. Microsoft also provides selected startups with up to $350,000 worth of benefits through Github Enterprise, Microsoft Teams, and Azure credits (up to $150K/ 4 years).

As mentioned earlier, the Astar Incubation Program aims to nurture potential and promising entrepreneurs in emerging sectors of the Web3 space and accelerate the adoption of Astar Network. With Microsoft joining the Astar Incubation Program, the Astar ecosystem is officially supported by one of the most innovative and tech-driven companies in human history.

Sota Watanabe, Founder of Astar Network:

“Microsoft provides world-class resources to the incubated projects in the Astar ecosystem, which we believe will help entrepreneurs greatly. We appreciate Microsoft’s commitment to the Web3.0 pioneers and Astar ecosystem as one of the most open-minded technology leaders in the world.”

Mikito Ebishima, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft:

“We are excited to support Astar Network. Our theme is “Empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft has always supported Web3 development, and we believe Astar can achieve great things!”

Microsoft and Astar Network are working on joint roadmaps that will help projects in the Astar Incubation Program to innovate and transform the world through Web3 technologies. If you are a builder and interested in joining, please visit this link.

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