Midas.Investments Pioneering CeDeFi Solutions in Today’s Crypto Ecosystem

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Midas.Investments Pioneering CeDeFi Solutions in Today’s Crypto Ecosystem
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An Overview of Midas.Investments and the Evolution of CeDeFi.

Midas.Investments, a revolutionary investment platform that inserts itself at the intersection of centralized and decentralized finance, is pioneering an entirely new and innovative investment thesis referred to as “CeDeFi”. CeDeFi is a new investment approach which fuses the advantages of centralized finance with those of decentralized finance while mitigating the flaws inherent in both systems.

Some of the flaws of CeFi revolve around the high costs of managing its operations, which include hiring personnel, establishing reliable servers, and fixed costs associated with office space, amongst others. Startups with CeFi business models are often highly rigid in terms of implementing new innovations, and they often have primitive business innovations.

With DeFi, wide protocol variability and investment strategies are often accompanied by high levels of risk. As DeFi puts investors directly in the driver’s seat, investors must stay alert and vigilant, monitoring positions at all times. As 24/7 portfolio monitoring is an unrealistic expectation for the average investor in DeFi, project continuity is typically arduous if there is an exodus of Total Value Locked (TVL) as trust in this space is typically very fragile.

In summary, investors exploring DeFi are more often than not ill-equipped to navigate the space and thus, are unable to properly hedge risks inherent in DeFi. The advent of CeDeFi changes the narrative in more ways than one.

Midas.Investments and the CeDeFi Ingenuity

To combat the flaws outlined in both CeFi and DeFi, Midas.Investments has three active strategies that help combine the strengths of both models to the benefit of the investor.

The first of these is the Fixed Yield Strategy, wherein an investor stakes their assets in order to earn yields. Among custodial staking providers, Midas.Investments offers the highest yields on top-tier crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, and fiat-backed stablecoins. This includes APYs of 9.4% to 12.1% (if activating “Midas boost”) on BTC, 10.6% to 12.8% on ETH, and 14.5% to 17.6% on USDC, USDT, and BUSD. Midas’ platform is powered by the MIDAS token, which allows investors to earn payouts in Midas for an additional 3% to 4% APY.

Midas also offers a Yield Automated Portfolio (YAP) which is structured like an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in that it’s composed of a basket of crypto assets grouped together by type and performance. On Midas’ platform, investors can access either the DeFi or Stable YAP products, both of which are designed to grant investors with a diverse portfolio without the hassle of investing in the individual underlying crypto assets. YAPs are rebalanced monthly, optimizing yields across the board.

The third strategy is the Complex DeFi Strategy, a fresh and evolving concept that will provide investors with medium-to-higher risk options to further diversify portfolio performance.

How Midas.Investments Secures Investors’ Assets

Amidst ongoing market disruptions, embracing CeFi features with respect to security is paramount to Midas’ platform. To guard against exploits, Midas is currently partnered with Fireblocks, a crypto infrastructure service provider known for its military-grade commercial security architecture. Further, all wallets are protected by strict, multisignature policies. The safety of investor funds is Midas’ top priority.

Midas.Investments currently boasts over 10,000 active users with more than $300 million in assets deposited onto our platform, all of which is based purely on organic growth. As Midas offers products that are both profitable and safe for its clients to invest in, its platform is paving the way for the next generation of investors. .

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