Melonport Co-Founders Join Decentralized Investment Fund Midas As Advisors

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Melonport Co-Founders Join Decentralized Investment Fund Midas As Advisors
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Midas Technologies AG welcomes Mona El Isa and Reto Trinkler, the co-founders of Melonport protocol, to its advisory board.

Fintech firm Midas Technologies AG, the producer of the Midas investment fund app, has announced the addition of two new advisors to its board. Mona El Isa and Reto Trinkler, who co-founded the asset management protocol Melonport, will now join MME blockchain law firm’s Thomas Linder as Midas advisors. Each of them will receive a director’s seat on the company, to be rotated annually.

Trinkler and El Isa founded Melonport AG, which created the Melon protocol for decentralized fund management. Via the Midas app, users are able to access the Melon protocol. The app is easy to set up and manage, and allows to invest in crypto assets in a trustless manner.

Their significant achievements in blockchain development and international finance have earned them a meritorious inclusion in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” listing.

Adrian Gallo, CEO of Midas Technologies AG, was excited to have on board two very skilled individuals to help advise Midas on its platform’s further development. Gallo pointed towards Trinkler’s expertise in development as crucial for optimal Midas integration with the Melon protocol, while believing that El Isa’s financial expertise and wide industry and regulatory network would help Midas gain a credible standing among the community.

“We are more than happy to welcome two of the most professional and experienced individuals in crypto to our board,” remarked Gallo.

Trinkler himself has said that he was “very happy to be part of this collaborative effort”, believing their work in reengineering Asset Management would be a significant undertaking, as one of the largest modern industries.

“Ease of use is one of the most overlooked aspects in the design of blockchain applications and it’s what Midas is focused on with the Midas Touch,” said Trinkler.

He was referring to the investment button feature on the Midas app which functions as a “Like” button, helping investors to buy digital assets guided by portfolios of other users, drawing on the wisdom of the crowd. Inversely, other users can also invest in your funds.

Everything on Midas is set up so that it is driven and managed by the community in a trustless, decentralized environment. Even the Melon protocol is open source, ensuring constant improvements and updates by its own active community.

Through the Midas app, users can set up and manage funds on the blockchain, holding crypto assets as they would on a digital wallet. This aims to increase security and transparency, giving back control to users, while achieving faster settlement processed at lower costs.

Midas features a playful approach that is immediately likeable and easily picked up by new users. Users are encouraged to form teams to compete with each other to rise to the top. The Midas platform offers tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies but also has a unique focus on alternative retail assets, such as crypto collectibles and prediction markets.

An upcoming token sale event will begin with a presale, for which a whitelisting process has already been initiated by Midas Technologies AG.

A beta signup, combined with an airdrop event, is now open for registration to interested participants. Running up to this beta, Midas will register testers to be actively involved in the development phase, fully ensuring that the functionalities of the app will align optimally to all user needs.

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