Minexcoin Announces Its Updated 2018 Development Roadmap

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Minexcoin Announces Its Updated 2018 Development Roadmap
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MinexSystems reveals its newly updated 2018 development roadmap listing crypto-enabled debit cards, atomic swaps, Green Algo and other features.

Blockchain solutions tech firm MinexSystems, known for its cryptocurrency Minexcoin and the MinexBank platform, is pleased to announce a range of exciting developments to look forward to throughout the year, to bring even more added value to its products.

According to the company’s Medium blog, its newly updated 2018 development roadmap now lists a number of new offerings slated for release, including the anticipated crypto-enabled debit cards, atomic swaps and Green Algo.

Despite the downturn in fortunes currently observed on global cryptocurrency market, MinexSystems continues to focus on further development, firming up its yearly plan to provide even more value and benefits to its growing community of users.

The Ukraine-based startup holds on to the view that 2018 is the year of decentralized payments. Therefore, the company’s roadmap begins with outlining the existing solutions and offers, namely, MinexWallet, MinexBank and Minexcoin (MNX).

The development team believes that the new direction will strengthen the company’s leading position on its way to becoming the premier global payment system. After rigorous redesigning of its architecture, MinexBank is now closer than ever to achieving autonomous volatility smoothing with final testing on its algorithm. The service will soon be available for mobile banking with an iOS version planned for the end of Q1 2018. Alongside the app launch will be a new hard-wallet version featuring a new design and improved interface.

In the same period, a significant release of MNX atomic swaps is also planned, as well as the alpha release of the decentralized exchange. Atomic swaps provides the highest levels of security alongside instant trades and low commissions.

MNX will then be transferable across separate blockchains directly with other peers. The team is looking forward to introduce the first pairs in MNX/BTC and MNX/LTC without interest charges. After full debug of the alpha release, the decentralized exchange will be fully launched.

Right after that, MinexSystems will release both web and mobile wallets for MNX in Q2 2018. These lightweight wallets will not need to download full blockchains or require software installations. Concurrently, MNX-supported debit cards will be launched for crypto/fiat payments anywhere in the world.

Three new products will be launched in an effort to increase MNX as a utility payment service. MinexMerchant will be released to help merchants integrate MNX as a payment tool. Through MinexMarket, users can sell, buy and exchange virtual and physical goods and services. And, finally, the MinexPlatform will enable digital asset creation, allowing both retail and enterprise clients to access an easy-to-use suite of blockchain tools. Now, anyone will be able to create decentralized registries, smart contracts and even issue their own tokens, without coding knowledge.

The final stretch of 2018 will be used to develop a unique Green Algo and Decentralized Computer. This update to algorithm will redirect the mining capacities securing MNX blockchain into also beneficial uses (for scientific research, for instance). The Decentralized Computer will effectively be a virtual Turing environment to execute smart contracts, widening the business horizons for MinexSystems in 2019.

According to MinexSystems CEO and founder Boris Shulyaev, the current roadmap differs much from the previous year’s, reflecting the need to outgrow dated technologies and adopt relevant ones, as the firm works to place itself as a leader in the cryptosphere.

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