MinexCoin, a Great Investment Prospect with Its Price Poised to Grow

May 28th, 2017 at 7:47 am UTC · 3 min read

MinexCoin, the cryptocurrency fueling MinexEcosystem is set to grow strong as the blockchain platform continues to raise funds through the ongoing ICO. The cryptocurrency platform is witnessing an increase in demand for MinexCoin, which combined with low levels of additional emission, by design will result in its increased value in the coming days.

A simple analysis of demand and supply dynamics by factoring in the platform’s characteristics shows that the platform is designed to generate 2.5 minexcoins every 165 seconds, which is about 1310 minexcoins per day. A sum of 262 minexcoins out of the daily total will be reserved by the MinexBank algorithm, while the rest (1048 coins) remain with miners. The limited daily supply pressure on MinexEcosystem is only about 0.02% of the total number of tokens on initial offering. As miners tend to frequently liquidate the earnings for Bitcoin, the newly minted minexcoins flooding the market will increase supply, which will ideally affect the cryptocurrency’s value in a negative fashion. However, until the launch of MinexPlatform, MinexExchange, and MinexMarket, the existing MinexBank will continue to play a major role in ensuring an upward price trend for MinexCoin by maintaining a very high rate for “parking” operations.

MinexBank’s operation combined with the interest in MinexCoin among cryptocurrency community members and investors looking for long-term investment will further drive the cryptocurrency’s price. Eventually, the demand for MinexCoin will outweigh supply, stimulating growth in its price.
The launch of new MinexEcosystem applications will allow MinexBank to gradually reduce the interest rate for “parking” operations, forcing more minexcoins into circulation. The impending launch of MinexPlatform, MinexExchange, and MinexMarket will be accompanied by promotions to encourage more investments into the MinexEcosystem, driving both long and short term investments.

MinexCoin ICO

The thirty-day MinexCoin ICO which went live on May 15, 2017, will go on until June 13, 2017, allowing potential investors to purchase minexcoins at a 50 percent bonus on the first few days (May 15 till 18, 2017). The bonus structure is designed to reduce progressively as the ICO proceeds. The MinexEcosystem is presently offering a hefty annual rate of 70 percent per year (basic annual rate), making it attractive for participants in the ongoing ICO to achieve a decent profit during the next one year. On the other hand, the MinexBank algorithm will maintain a constant 33.6 percent increase in minexcoin exchange rate annually. All these perks combined will easily ensure at least a three-fold increase in the investment over the next one year.

About MinexEcosystem

MinexEcosystem is a cryptocurrency ecosystem powered by MinexCoin which serves as the medium of value exchange within and beyond the platform. The team behind MinexSystems is currently in the process of building the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem including MinexBank, MinexPlatform, MinexExchange and MinexMarket.



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