Payment Platform Minexcoin Launches the MinexBank iOS App

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Payment Platform Minexcoin Launches the MinexBank iOS App
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MinexCoin has announced the release of its mobile banking application MinexBank on the iOS platform after a long verification process.

First trustless bank MinexSystems Ltd. has confirmed the release of its mobile banking application MinexBank on the Apple’s iOS platform, solidifying its cross-platform status for all smartphone users. The crypto banking app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is available for free downloads in the Apple’s App Store.

After a long verification process, Ukrainian fintech company Minex is finally available for Apple users. Every fintech company proposing its work to Apple is obliged to provide all the necessary details of the project’s legal status for each country it plans to offer the service to.

This aspect of legality is emphasized more during the scrutiny from Apple than the quality of the technology itself. The availability of MinexBank for users in the iOS store is a landmark decision in crypto banking progression, verifying a newfound confidence that Apple has in the technology as it begins to enter the mainstream.

The MinexBank system leverages blockchain technology to create an autonomous algorithm that controls the volatility of MinexCoin (MNX). First users to join MinexBank will receive their first interests in MNX for free.

The MinexBank iOS app is very similar to its Android counterpart, as they both allow full functionality of the MinexSystem technology. The app provides a fully synchronized version of the desktop platform. New app users will register for a personal account online, then log in with the wallet address and password once the app is downloaded.

Features included in the new iOS app include: park MNX with one touch, view parked coins and parking rates, re-park coins on different durations, monitor all banking transactions in real time operation and receive updates on changing interests.

MinexSystems is a full-service development company specializing in Blockchain products. It offers a varied range of solutions, including both fiat and crypto financial systems. Apart from developing MinexBank and the low volatility cryptocurrency MNX, the company is responsible for MinexExplorer. This user-friendly site provides its visitors with a space to watch, analyze and calculate the movements and valuation of MNX in the market.

The company’s future plans involve a goal to finish developing their own Lightning Network system. This system will enable customers to use a range of applications and new wallets for offline transactions, as well as to stream payments. The design is based on the implementation of a decentralized exchange.

MinexSystems is the development company behind MinexBank as well as MinexCoin. CEO of MinexSystems, Boris Shulyaev, has recently released a statement related to the difficulties of getting the MinexBank platform on iOS.

He described the process as lasting around two months, full of negotiations, discussing the legal reviews and providing further company evidence to the Apple team. According to his words, after such stringent review process, there is no doubt that MinexBank is transparent and follows the law.

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