MITA Token Coming Soon

January 25th, 2022 at 10:42 am UTC · 4 min read

MITA Token Coming Soon
Photo: Legends of Mitra

Restore the Glory With the Legends of Mitra Utility and Governance Token

Legends of Mitra, the multi-chain defence strategy game, is pleased to announce the upcoming listing of its MITA token. To celebrate our upcoming token generation event (TGE) and reward loyal and new community members, LoM is running a MITA airdrop/Gleam campaign.

The token listing follows several successful private investment rounds and a sold out public sale in January, raising a total of private financing round with the support of an impressive lineup of over a dozen leading GameFi and blockchain investors. In January, the Legends of Mitra triple IDO raised USD285,000, USD95,000 on each of the three IDO platforms – GameFi, Red Kite, and Oxbull.  The funds raised will be targeted towards rolling out the LoM multi-chain strategy game through partnerships with Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, Wax, and the Binance Chain.

$MITA Token Utilities

The MITA token is a cross-chain asset available on the Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, and Binance Chain. $MITA serves as:

  • the in-game currency across the LoM metaverse to play-to-earn, and trade and sell NFT assets, and
  • a governance token, giving the holders the right to propose and vote on LoM platform governance issues.

$MITA is a deflationary token. Ten percent of the fees collected for various activities (marketplaces transactions like NFT sales, token and NFT transfers) will be burnt.  This mechanism will decrease the token supply over time and ensure the scarcity of MITA tokens.

A total of 200,000,000 MITA tokens will be distributed.

How to Earn $MITA

With the recent completion of the public offering event, the MITA token will soon be listed on global cryptocurrency exchanges. Players also have many opportunities to earn $MITA in the play-to-earn game.  Of the 200 million token supply, 25 percent is allocated to Play-to-Earn gaming and 12.5 percent to Staking & Liquidity rewards.

Ways to earn MITA include:

  • Play-to-earn the defense strategy game across the LoM multi-chain metaverse. Players are rewarded in MITA tokens and NFTs for their time, contributions, and efforts in the game, called Human Mining. Rewards are linked to player engagement and skills in the game, and calculated based on the player’s Gem Score.
  • Collect NFT heroes. All NFT in-game assets collected for free or purchased belong to the player to transfer or sell in the in-game marketplace, or hold in their wallet.
  • Stake MITA tokens for rewards.
  • Be in the top 10 on daily leaderboards.
  • Participate in contests and airdrops announced on the official Telegram and Twitter channels. The current USD30,000 airdrop giveaway ends on January 25, 2022. Watch for the announcement of the Gleam airdrop contest to follow.
  • Participate in governance voting.

Following the upcoming launch of LoM, users also will be able to earn tokens from the referral bounty system, and P2E opportunities through the Guild System.

How to Buy $MITA

The MITA token can be purchased:

  • as an In-App Purchase (IAP) using a debit or credit card from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • from crypto exchanges
  • from decentralized peer-to-peer platforms like

The MITA TGE and Token Listing

The TGE will take place shortly, followed by the exchange listings. To vote on the listing date and keep up to date on LoM exchange listings, join and follow the official Mitra Updates & News Telegram channel. Also stay alert for the next airdrop campaign.

Players can spend and earn MITA tokens when the Public Playtest version goes live in Q1 2022.

About Legends of Mitra (LoM)

Legends of Mitra (LoM) is a play-to-earn NFT-inspired defense strategy game. The game comes with a rich storyline, epic NFT heroes and a solid user experience. LoM offers players and investors both an entertaining experience and investment opportunity in MITA tokens and NFTs. The multi-chain game is being developed for the Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, Wax, and Binance Chain.

Legends of Mitra socials: Twitter, Telegram, Telegram News, Discord.