MMOCoin Price Rose by Stunning 53,904% Over the Last 72 hours

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by Jeff Fawkes · 3 min read
MMOCoin Price Rose by Stunning 53,904% Over the Last 72 hours
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The price change of gaming-related MMOCoin (MMO) shows increasing market interest and a possible upward trend.

Within the last three days, the MMOCoin is gaining traction and performs ultimately. Investors who bought the coin at low prices must be shocked to see their ROI pumping up to over 9000 percent levels. All in all, MMOCoin price added a whopping 1000% since yesterday and 53,904% over the last 72 hours.

MMOCoin is using hybrid PoW/PoS with an unusual take on their unique Tiered PoS. It starts with block 2000, allowing users to join different staking tiers to increase profits. This system will decrease volatility and ensure a slow, steady release of coins. MMOCoin doesn’t facilitate free nodes principle. The company handles blockchain by itself to provide liquidity at an early stage. The whitepaper can be found here.

Market Shows Interest in this Project

According to CMC, the coin was created by the people standing behind a gaming forum. To make players share goods, developers launched an inner Marketplace on MMOPro.

Thanks to the visibility of transactions provided by MMO blockchain, it will feature safe deals with only trusted merchants serving, minimal transaction fees, and escrow function.

The MMO currency may be unusual for people who both like trading and gaming. The MMOPro forum has over 230,000 registered users. Maybe they start to dig deeper into what gaming crypto coins use as a value proposition? MMOCoin runs on PoS, which means that minting of coins is a slow process. Also, you can have rewards by merely holding the stake for as much time as you can.

They regularly drop fresh repacks and game tips on the web. Gamers use the forum to investigate Lineage, DOTA, or WOW details, find useful patches, read developer’s guides, check out mods, and so on.

MMOCoin should start helping those gamers to finally use one form of cash both in real life and in virtual life. An exclusive Marketplace is designed so that users of the forum can send money to each other and get instant confirmations for the deals. This is because MMOCoin blockchain can provide a fast speed of transaction confirmations and do not strictly demand costly equipment for mining.

Cryptocurrencies are Children of In-Game Money

Even before Satoshi Nakamoto presented Bitcoin to the masses, different forms of in-game cash were in circulation among gamers. People all over the U.S. and other countries such as South Korea or Japan were playing MMO’s. All to collect the otherwise useless in-game loot and money. For someone, it was something like a job, with people selling the high-leveled accounts for over $2000.

Although the in-game money didn’t have any blockchains underneath, they served gamers similarly to how cryptocurrencies serve us today. Permissionless, virtual money with strange inner value was so popular that people used to play MMO games to exchange the in-game loot and cash for real-life dollars. Gamers across the planet and their custom economy inspired Nick Szabo, one of the most famous persons in the crypto sphere and possible Satoshi Nakamoto.

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