Moonlift Capital DEX: An Innovative DEX Set to Rival PancakeSwap on BSC

December 22nd, 2021 at 12:00 pm UTC · 3 min read

Moonlift Capital DEX: An Innovative DEX Set to Rival PancakeSwap on BSC
Photo: Moonlift Capital

Decentralized finance continues to evolve with innovations, and MoonLift Capital is at the forefront of this trend. The blockchain protocol has launched an innovative decentralized exchange ‘’MoonLift Capital DEX’’ that has massive potential to become the top DEX on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Innovative Features and DeFi Earning Opportunities

Investing in DeFi tokens can be complex, with many DeFi platforms integrating interfaces that are not user-friendly. MoonLift Capital changes this with a DEX built to ensure everyone can access and interact with DeFi products without any problems.

It is a truly-community driven project that offers users the opportunity to earn passive income by placing their capital in innovative DeFi products. MoonLift DEX ecosystem includes a venture capital and the launchpad and NFT marketplace are on the roadmap to be accomplished next year.

Like a traditional DEX, users will be able to swap between tokens and provide liquidity for token swaps in exchange for fees generated from the token pool. However, MoonLift DEX goes beyond swaps and provides a staking pool, where users can stake MLPx tokens for interests.

MLTPx holders will be able to make swaps at a lower transaction fee on Moonlift Dex (0.2%) compared to popular Binance Smart Chain DEX PancakeSwap (0.25%).

The future MoonLift Launchpad provides new projects with an avenue to launch their tokens and raise funds from a community of investors. Investors can also participate in token sales/IDO at the earliest stage and get a tidy profit from their investment.

NFTs are the growing crypto trend, and users can mint, list and auction NFTs on MoonLift Capital DEX in Q1 next year.. In a nutshell, users can design their unique swaps, stake MTLPx for interests, take part in IDOs and mint NFTs on MoonLift Capital DEX.

MoonLift Capital DEX Is Powered by MLTPx Token

To ensure that users have the best experience on its DeFi platform, MoonLift Capital has launched its innovative BEP20 token MLTPx. MLTPx is designed to attract users to the DEX by providing utility to holders.

The tokenomics of MLPx incentivizes long term holders by giving them priority within its ecosystem. Users with more tokens are automatically placed on a higher tier system on the launchpad and benefit from airdrops and early access to private sales and IDOs.

In addition, holders can enjoy lower transaction fees on MoonLift DEX (0.2%) compared to other DEXs like PancakeSwap (0.25%). MLTPx token also has deflationary mechanisms such as buyback and token burns to ensure that the demand for the token remains high, ensuring that its value is maintained.

MoonLift Capital has launched MLTPx tokens to great anticipation and is currently tradable on the Moonlift Capital DEX. It has also been listed on PancakeSwap, and there are plans to launch the token on more blockchains.

MoonLift Capital DEX Is Taking the DeFi Industry by Storm

MoonLift Capital DEX has already shown that it can attract users to its platform with its convenient interface and earning opportunities. In addition, users can easily access DeFi products and increase their portfolio with the staking, NFTs and Launchpad features.

The future is bright for MoonLift Capital, and early holders of MLTPx will get great value for their tokens as the DEX continues to gain popularity within the crypto world. You can learn more about MoonLift Capital DEX by visiting the following links: Twitter, Telegram.



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