Mt. Gox Updates Website, Allows Customers to Check Bitcoin Balances

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Mt. Gox Updates Website, Allows Customers to Check Bitcoin Balances
Kolin Burges, a self-styled cryptocurrency trader, has been protesting outside the Tokyo headquarters of the major bitcoin exchange for two weeks, after finding he could not access hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins he had held in an account. Photo: Waled Ahmed/Flickr

Mt. Gox updated its website and allows customers to log in and check their balances.

The Mt. Gox, the largest bitcoin exchange that had collapsed recently, renewed the work of its website. Now a balance confirmation function is available for customers.

According to the Mt. Gox legal announcement, “this balance confirmation service is provided on this site only for the convenience of all users. Please be aware that confirming the balance on this site does not constitute a filing of rehabilitation claims under the civil rehabilitation procedure and note that the balance amounts shown on this site should also not be considered an acknowledgment by MtGox Co., Ltd. of the amount of any rehabilitation claims of users.

“Rehabilitation claims under a civil rehabilitation procedure become confirmed from a filing which is followed by an investigation procedure. The method for filing claims will be published on this site as soon as we will be in situation to announce it.”

The website stopped functioning over three weeks ago after posting updates on legal procedure that may allow Mt. Gox to rebuild and pay back some of its creditors . For reference, Mt. Gox filed bankruptcy on 28th of February, in Japan, confirming they have lost 850,000 bitcoins – worth around $520 million at current prices. The official reason of bankruptcy is hacker’s attacks.

A few days ago the post on Reddit assured the public that Mt. Gox website was compromised and someone was collecting login credentials. But this information seems to be a spoof. Plus to that, according to the call center, the balances data might be not accurate at the moment due to continuing work on the renewing of the site.

In spite of that, customers still do not kwon, if their balances actually exist and will they ever be available, at least in part. But for some of them it may be a pleasure to know, that the record exists.


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