‘My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets’: The Review of Ofir Beigel’s New Book

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‘My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets’: The Review of Ofir Beigel’s New Book
Photo: Ofir Beigel/99bitcoins

The new book “My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets”, written by Ofir Beigel, offers useful tips on how to start an online business in the digital currency sphere.

Update: We got in touch with Ofir to find out whether people can pay for book with bitcoin. The answer was simple:”Please read FAQ section on sales page”.

The latest e-book by Ofir Beigel, entitled “My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets,” provides readers with a detailed guide about how to make your online bitcoin business profitable and successful. The book will be useful not only for established businesses, but will also help beginners in the industry to develop their own development strategies.

Ofir Beigel is the founder and owner of 99Bitcoins, one of the best resource for bitcoin newbies across the web. When Ofir first knew about bitcoin in early 2013, he understood there are a lot of opportunities in the cryptocurrency world.  Since then, he has been actively involved in affiliate marketing in the digital currency sphere. Today, Ofir is considered one of the leading bitcoin affiliates.

“Sitting at home I thought to myself that there’s got to be a business opportunity hidden inside the Bitcoin space. I mean, other than just trading the coin and risking my money due to insane fluctuations in the exchange rate, there must be a safer way to take advantage of this new technology,” he wrote in his book.


Photo: Ofir Beigel/99bitcoins

Ofir is sure that bitcoin is in the early stage of development and there is still a lot of room for creating innovative marketing tools and techniques. He is already looking forward to work with new companies and startups that want to increase their customer base. In order to promote his blog and encourage people to embrace bitcoin, Ofir combines both traditional marketing instruments and creative methods.

When Ofir commenced his business in 2013, he invested only $80, but by January 2015 the blog had brought revenues of $120 000. In his book, Ofir describes how he managed to open his online business and reveals practical methods he used.

He focuses on how to create content for affiliate marketing and describes special techniques on how to boost revenues, including subscriptions sales.

“There are many hidden business opportunities inside the Bitcoin industry aside from the currency itself,” Ofir Beigel said in an interview to Coinspeaker. “The book combines proven, tried and tested methods for creating and promoting an online businesses with the new thriving Bitcoin industry.”

Besides, the book includes some tips on how to create a business plan, including recommendations on how to develop an idea and study all strengths, threats and weaknesses. It also contains experts’ comments on how to succeed in the sphere of online content development.

While providing really useful advice, the author notes that it’s important to be ready for negative moments that you can face throughout the process and encourages readers to take real efforts if they want reach success.

“It depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to invest. The information I will reveal to you in this book took me almost seven years to accumulate. So I’m going to give you a “shortcut” and teach you what I’ve learned, but it’s up to you to put it to work. I know so many people who talk the talk but when it comes to siting down and actually doing the work they can’t follow through,” Ofir says.

In the final chapter, the author unveils his own “dirty secrets” about the digital currency and tells how he earns his money without even having his product.

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