Naked Panda Unveils Plan for Its NFT Collection

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Naked Panda Unveils Plan for Its NFT Collection
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Users will be able to obtain the NFTs through giveaways, a presale, and minting.

Naked Panda has unveiled the Naked Panda Crew (NPC) collection, an NFT project on the Solana blockchain. The NFT collection will serve as the building block for a community DAO.

The project’s ‘Naked’ appellation comes from the saying “Naked Truth”, the project strives to operate on a level where buyers want to decide whether to trust a project or not. Therefore, everything the project will do will be in the spirit of transparency, without concealment or embellishment.

In addition, the project took inspiration from the Giant Pandas, which are traditionally a picture of strength. The collection comprises 3888 unique pandas, algorithmically generated from over 160 physical features, including facial expressions, outfits, tools and accessories.

Users will be able to obtain the NFTs through giveaways, a presale, and minting. While the presale will be available to community members, the public minting of the digital collectibles will be possible from the 8th of June. Afterward, the project will be listed on NFT marketplaces to increase visibility and liquidity.

15% of the minting proceeds and royalties will go to a charity voted on by the members of the NPC community. Another 75% of the minting proceeds will help fund the VC DAO. Holders of NPC NFT are eligible to vote in the VC DAO, making strategic decisions collectively on investing in Web3 startup projects.

Project Multigon is the first project that will be funded through the proceeds of the Naked Panda Crew VC DAO. Project Multigon is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that will be designed to let issuers and buyers decide which blockchain/currency they will use to transact.

Additionally, NPC holders will be able to receive Quantum Bamboo tokens by staking their NFTs. The token will be the foundation of the Naked Ecosystem and come with an expansive utility.

About the Naked Panda Team

Naked Panda is backed by a team of entrepreneurs with a track record. The core team has an accumulated experience of over 100 years, across the fields of Crypto, FinTech and Digital Marketing. The team is built for the future, and the NPC project reflects that.

Packed with built-in mechanisms anchored in the fundamentals of economics, finance and Tokenomics, the NPC project amounts to a unique combination of sophisticated features engineered to create and protect long-term value for the community.

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