Nasdaq OMX-listed Company NPInvestor Launches Crypto Brokerage, CPH Crypto

Place/Date: Copenhagen - August 31st, 2020 at 8:22 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Martin Lykke Nielsen, Source:

Nasdaq OMX-listed Company NPInvestor Launches Crypto Brokerage, CPH Crypto

Cryptocurrency brokers should be able to focus primarily on their trading strategy, and not be worrying about high commission charges or costly exchange subscriptions. That is the philosophy behind, a new, low-cost crypto broker launched by the Danish Nasdaq OMX-listed company offers a fixed fee of only $39.00 per month for unlimited trading, and retail clients can trade totally commission-free. Traders can also use the trading platform before signing up to a fixed fee, with only a tiny 0.04% commission.

Lowest Price on the Market

For a long time, commissions have been very high when trading crypto. This has been a huge challenge for traders as the high costs can easily eat into the gains of even the most successful trader.

Martin Lykke from stated:

“We have a background in the trading industry. In the old days, it was expensive to trade shares, FX, etc. but competition in those markets has now driven costs very low. We are seeing the same in trading crypto coins, where it is currently expensive to trade. Competition will eventually drive costs down, and we are proud to be on the frontline,”

Martin Continues:

“From a trader perspective, this is crucial. Not only are high costs killing traders’ profit, but it is also limiting their trading possibilities. Our set-up provides the trader with a lot of new trading strategies where you can profit from even small price movements. We are new in the crypto world so it is key for us that clients know they can trust us,”

Insured Deposits

All client crypto deposits are insured on, so in the unlikely event of the company being hacked, clients deposits would not be affected. Traders can also use the platform in the knowledge that is completely regulated by Danish FCA.

How Does CPH Crypto Stack up Against the Competition?

A price comparison between CPH Crypto and some of its big name competitors shows that CPH Crypto is the most inexpensive choice; even if traders decide to pay per trade instead of the even cheaper fixed fee of 39 USD/month for unlimited trading.

For a total trading Volume of $1000 or less, CPH Crypto takes a commission of $0.40 USD and a spread of $0.20, equalling a total cost of only $0.60. This stacks up very well against the competition, with big name alternatives such as Binance ($1.00), Kraken ($2.10), CoinBase Pro ($5.00), and Etoro ($3.75) all charging higher total commission rates.

For a trading Volume of $10,000 or less, CPH Crypto takes a total commission of $6.00, which is comparatively cheap when compared to Binance, Kraken, CoinBase Pro and Etoro, who charge $10, $21, $35, and $37.50 respectively.

For trading volume between $200,000 and $500,000 these savings start to shoot up, with savings as high as $680.00 between CPH Crypto and a competitor.

Affiliate Program

CPH Crypto users can now earn a 25% LIFETIME commission on fixed trading fees for every successful referral. Large marketplaces, content websites, social media influencers and bloggers can all take advantage of simple linking tools to maximize their advertizing needs and monetize their content.

Anyone can take advantage of fixed trading fees and competitive conversion rates earning with the CPH Crypto affiliate program today.

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