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NEU Creates Pan Tourism Ecology and Empowers Global Industry after Coronavirus Outbreak

August 30th, 2020 at 6:06 pm UTC · 6 min read

It is reported that NEU Fund’s original digital token NEU has become a hundred times currency that lives up to its reputation. With an increase of up to 8000%, its issue price has been soaring from 0.07 USDT to the highest value of 5.8 USDT since it was launched on Huahuo Trading Platform in March this year. Moreover, in August, the issue of Galaxy+ has also been sought after by many players, which fully demonstrating recognition and expectation on the value of NEU Fund in the market.

The “vogue” of NEU is inevitable but not accidental! NEU has working on the pan tourism industry profoundly. Now it is grasping the pain points of the tourism industry after the Coronavirus, applying the blockchain technology to “break through”, and making great efforts to set up a blockchain pan tourism APP, and then establishing a new global pan tourism ecology indeed and “rescue” the industry.

Under the bold assumption, NEU will usher in a new round of explosion with the completion of the first blockchain tourism APP in the world, becoming the most popular value token and dark horse in the investment of 2020.

Driven by the favorable policies, the increase of people’s income, the pan tourism industry leaps forward greatly, and has been born and with the core “tourism+”.

As a super player of global tourism, NEU Fund is committed to exploring the digitalization of pan tourism industry with the blockchain technology, and creating an exchange settlement scheme for the global pan tourism, and thus empowering the industry. By creating public chain technology, payment system and pan tourism industry ecology, NEU Fund achieves multiple functional characteristics, and solves the integration problems about isolated island of information, trust and efficiency for the pan tourism + industry, and finally accomplishes the boundless circulation of pan tourism assets.

NEU Creates Pan Tourism Ecology and Empowers Global Industry after Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo: NEU

Global Digital Asset Payment Platform

The era of Internet has changed the traditional way of payment in the travel, and improved the payment efficiency. However, there are also fatal problems especially during the payment of cross-border: The risk of cross-border settlement is relatively high, the payment cost is increasing year by year, and the transaction information is not guaranteed, etc.. Nevertheless, the technical characteristics of blockchain can effectively help and solve these problems.

NEU Fund issued NEU token as a value carrier, which is used in various steps of pan tourism for assets digitization and tokenization. Besides, based upon the real industry, NEU guarantees the quantity and quality, and even take into account both the circulation value and the investment value with a wide range of application scenarios according to the strict issuance mechanism and income mechanism.

Taking NEU as the circulation, NEU Fund creates the payment system with point-to-point, decentralization, cross-platform, assets value guarantee and high liquidity. It thus improves the efficiency of asset circulation and reduces the circulation cost among the pan tourism industry, and provides an effective and safe solution for the payment, industrial integration and enterprise transaction among international pan tourism industry.

NEU Creates Pan Tourism Ecology and Empowers Global Industry after Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo: NEU

International Public Chain with Industry Superposition Effect

The value of pan tourism comes from the high added-value and spillover effect brought by the superposition of industrial chain. Through cross chain technology, on the one hand, NEU Fund solves transactions of cross currency; on the other hand, it helps the incubation of pan tourism projects by uniting financial, technical and operational support, so as to realize the asset side chain and issue the token. This mode is beneficial to cooperative projects, attract more high-quality partners to the chain, expand the boundary of industrial integration, and achieve the win-win between the ecology and participants.

In the future, we can see various types of enterprises including famous scenic spots, star hotels, airlines and well-known shopping malls from NEU Fund, which will set up a comprehensive terminal consumption economy of clothing, food, accommodation, tourism and shopping and so on. NEU Fund will also usher and promote the integration of pan tourism and “health, consumption, service and finance”, and form an international platform for product, cooperation, promotion, communication and service.

NEU Creates Pan Tourism Ecology and Empowers Global Industry after Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo: NEU

Pan Tourism Ecology with Self-driving Force

Based upon the open underlying system and blockchain technology, NEU Fund has constructed an open and trustworthy pan tourism ecology, so that all participants can reap something in the ecology with the success of the ecology, and build the ecological world for the future together accordingly and promote the self-driving and recyclable development for the ecology.

For consumers in the pan tourism, the interaction and complementarity by and between the ecological enterprises will bring more resources from countries of origin, more high cost-effective products and more guaranteed services, which will greatly improve the quality of tourism and meet the all-round and multi-level demands of consumers.

For product and service providers in the pan tourism, members will push the progress with each other, joint efforts to promote, integrate the resources, complement the advantages of each other, and share them among the users, which will greatly reduce the investment cost of the industry, reduce repeated investment, and boost and upgrade the entire industrial chain. The ability of capital acquisition, user transformation and resource integration of the whole ecology will also make a qualitative leap without any fear of the industry depression caused by the Coronavirus.

NEU Creates Pan Tourism Ecology and Empowers Global Industry after Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo: NEU 

NEU Fund not only expands the scope but also enhances the strength during integrating the pan tourism industry from the payment system to the industry ecology, and from the terminal consumption scenario to the top-level commercial design. According to the plans, the first step is to create a pan tourism + blockchain APP as the first entrance to link NEU Fund and users, and implement and apply the value authentically. In the future, NEU Fund will achieve the global layout gradually and accomplish the innovation and upgrading of global pan tourism ecology.

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