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Naviaddress Launched Beta Version 0.1 on Blockchain

March 12th, 2018 at 2:04 pm UTC · 2 min read

Naviaddress, a blockchain ID management platform, which provides users with naviaddresses as unified digital IDs for any places or objects in physical and virtual worlds, launched Beta Version 0.1 on blockchain.

Though this version is treated like a proof of concept at the moment, it already offers several working scenarios, such as to obtain test NaviTokens with test ETH, buy federal and global naviaddresses with test NaviTokens, update metadata for the bought naviaddresses, change a naviaddress ownership.

The platform’s solution allows users to store, trade, manage and issue your digital addresses, easily and securely.

As of February 2018, there are 1.5 million naviaddresses in Naviaddress addressing system, including 1.3 million business naviaddresses, with the total number of registered active Naviaddress app users exceeding 60,000 people (including web, iOS and Android).

Beta version of the platform on the blockchain was released for public testing on March 2, 2018. Naviaddress is building partnerships with large address holders in delivery, e-retail and HoReCa businesses, such as, DPD, and plan cooperation and integration with State Postal Services, AliExpress, Amazon, NinjaVan, etc. to share verified addresses with the platform.

With over 58% of NaviTokens sold so far, and aim to raise $20 million in total during ICO, there is enough traction to partner with some major players in China in delivery and e-retail, hospitality, transportation and urban planning.

Once the addressing system is deployed on the blockchain, Naviaddress will enable 4 billion people in the world living without addresses to obtain and share digital postal delivery naviaddresses, verified by a transaction on the blockchain at almost no cost.

Usage of naviaddresses will enable local governments to provide more citizens with essential services and create new markets for e-retailers and delivery businesses.

The link for the beta version is here

About Naviaddress

Naviaddress falls into the category of blockchain ID management systems that will simplify the way transactions are conducted with online retailers, delivery and other businesses as well as with each other – without compromising privacy or security.

Today, 20% and up to 80% of addresses in developed and developing countries respectively are not verified from the first time due to mistakes in address spelling, address verification and “last mile” navigation problems.  Naviaddress makes it possible to provide accurate locations for e-retail and delivery services.