Nebulas Broadens Incentive Program by Introducing Super Contributor Rewards

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Nebulas Broadens Incentive Program by Introducing Super Contributor Rewards
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The new-generation blockchain ecosystem Nebulas invites all community promoters to become super contributors and share out the total prize pool of 10,000 NAS in accordance with the number of new users each participant has referred.

Being based on a fair ranking algorithm and self-evolving ability the Nebulas Chain (NAS) is currently the most widely-adopted public platform for building of decentralized applications among blockchain developers. With more than 3000 of the high-quality DApps released on the platform, Nebulas has already far surpassed the number of Ethereum-based blockchain applications. The launch of the main Nebulas blockchain network on March 30th this year was followed by the debut of the Nebulas Incentive Program at the beginning of May.

Currently, the Nebulas Program is comprised of two reward streams: Developer and Referral Rewards. Developer rewards are distributed to those who build the best DApps on the Nebulas platform. On the other hand, those who convert the greatest number of developers to build DApps on the Nebulas are granted with referral rewards. However, an invited developer that registers on Nebulas but does not build a DApp is not counted as a successful referral and, consequensly, there is zero bonuses provided.

Now the program is going to be updated with Super Contributor incentives conceived to expand the role of community and once again stress the Nebulas primary intention to create a collaborative platform with long-term sustainability. According to the recent announcement, Super Contributors incentives in the Nebulas Incentive Program will take effect on June 10, 2018 and run for a four-week period until July 8, 2018.

The debut of Super Contributors is one of the first steps to implement some concepts of the Proof of Devotion consensus protocol into the NAS reward process. The newly introduced referral program will not only reward those who invite the most new users to the Nebulas ecosystem, but also empower them to vote for the best DApps available on the platform. Thus, the modified version of the Nebulas Incentive Program adds a new method to earn NAS rewards and, in the meantime, encourages participation in the governance and decision-making of the Nebulas ecosystem.

Notably with Super Contributors, Nebulas will reward those people and organizations that invite any users, including developers and non-developers, to the Nebulas ecosystem. The top-20 accounts that invite the most people to sign up to Nebulas will eventually become Super Contributors. They will share a weekly 10,000 NAS prize amongst them, and also have the chance to decide the Champions, Weekly Developer Champions, second- and third-prize receiver, by voting for the best three DApps each week.

To win a chance to become a Super Contributor, users need only register on the Nebulas Incentive Program website and obtain a unique invitation, and then invite others to register on Nebulas using this code. All community members, industry media, influencers, exchanges, and other groups and individuals, are encouraged to participate.

It is worth to mention that the first month of the Nebulas Incentive Program concluded this week. The Nebulas technical team has finalized their review of the 2765 DApps submitted to the platform. During this process, the DApps were analyzed with the Nebulas ranking algorithm, which considers the quality of a dapp, its user activity of a month, and other factors.

Early data shows the total number of reward winners, counting both developers and referrers, was more than 900. Altogether, these winners received approximately $1.4 million USD in NAS rewards.

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