Neer.Finance Launches Asia’s First Automated Token Management Platform

Place/Date: Singapore - October 12th, 2022 at 8:43 am UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Varun Misar, Source: Neer.Finance

Neer.Finance (NeerFi) – a Singapore-based token management platform, comes out of stealth mode. The Company has launched a smart, one-of-its-kind dashboard to enable Web3 founders to set up their token journey on auto-pilot!

With the rise in Web3 projects over the last few years, tokens have become an integral part of the ecosystem for 50+ stakeholders. However, the process to plan, launch, distribute and manage tokens is quite complicated as compared to the equity world!

Over 21,000 companies globally end up spending time on tons of spreadsheets to manage their tokens manually! NeerFi aims to solve this pain point for founding teams and investors with a few clicks. With the platform’s latest offering, founders will be able to allocate, send and receive tokens in a fast, secure & efficient way.

Varun Misar, CEO & Co-founder of NeerFi, said:

“We have seen a rapid move in the ecosystem where businesses are looking to build a Web3 strategy and are moving towards tokenization. We at NeerFi are building a suite of tools to enable these businesses to automate some of the key tasks in their token management journey and focus sharply on building their core business. NeerFi offers real-time visibility on tokens, tokenomics, vesting, allocation & distribution to all stakeholders on a single platform.”

NeerFi is backed by an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs with a strong background in Web3 and finance. The Company is building a highly scalable, battle-tested product with a strong focus on ease of use and security across all levels of the token journey. The platform has already onboarded over 50 businesses and has also partnered with multiple L1, L2 & L3 networks.

About Neer.Finance

NeerFi is a Singapore-based Web3 platform that helps companies manage their tokens by automating the end-to-end token distribution journey.

Most Web3 teams manage the token allocation & distribution on excel sheets, with no visibility to investors and employees about their own tokens! As more Web2 founders and teams are building in the Web3 space, this becomes a critical problem to be solved.

NeerFi is simplifying this with a smart dashboard where all stakeholders have real-time visibility on their token status. Tokenomics, vesting schedules, stakeholder status and distribution – all can be managed on a single platform. Investors and employees can get the allocations, claim, swap or sell the tokens with just a click of a button!

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