Neironix is Adding Cyber-security into a List of Risk Assessment Parameters with Support by Strategic Partner – Kaspersky Lab

November 26th, 2018 at 7:15 pm UTC · 3 min read

They have made an agreement about the creating the marketplace of information security products for ICO projects and stock exchanges.

The agreement purpose is to give crypto projects and exchanges an access to the global cybersecurity expertise from Kaspersky.

Vitaly Mzokov, Head of Verification, New Business at Kaspersky Lab commented on the situation as follows:

“The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is developing too fast to not notice it. We have already begun work in this direction before, but in order to scale our proposals we needed a partner close to this issue. The Neironix agency has become the strongest potential partner among the companies we have seen. In a short time, they developed a very extensive and thoughtful ecosystem aimed at ensuring security when investing and making risk decisions. This is probably the best product on the market today. Together, we want to protect against possible fraud not only investors, but also crypto-exchanges and ICO projects.”

Over the coming months, a number of new services will be integrated into Neironix, such as:

  • Security audit for smart contracts;
  • Search for phishing threats of ICO projects;
  • Protection against DDoS attacks;
  • Security Hygiene interactive trainings.

Separately, it is worth noting the introduction of an availability of Security Incident Response certificates that are aimed to perform threat remediation, data collection as well as in-depth intelligence and forensics activities in case if a data breach or a cyber-incident happened.

This service will be available via Neironix platform and designed to perform the analysis of digital evidence related to a cybercrime, revealing a complete picture of an incident, covering the entire incident investigation cycle to eliminate the threat to crypto-industry organizations.

Finally, it also helps to maintain the trust as your investors now see that if bad things happen, one of the most advanced experts in cybersecurity will engage.

Andrey Vengerets, CEO of Neironix:

“We, of course, are pleased to be able to provide even more security when investing in projects with a high degree of uncertainty to all participants in the process. Ultimately, it is the analysis and risk management that are the core functions of our platform. Kaspersky Lab, with its unique experience, can become a strong strategic partner for us in this direction.”

To date, this is the first and only agreement of this scale in the world in terms of security in the field of crypto and blockchain technologies, so it is very significant.

Companies are focused on long-term cooperation, which means that a serious player in cybersecurity has emerged in the crypto world, and this undoubtedly will cause much more willingness to study it as a professional investment instrument for large funds and institutional investors.



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