NEO and Ontology Partnership: Transparent and Secure Cross-chain Protocol for Internet Users

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NEO and Ontology Partnership: Transparent and Secure Cross-chain Protocol for Internet Users
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Ontology together with NEO pioneer an underlying Blockchain solution for the Internet of the future. Fundamentally this partnership would alleviate the downturns of the Internet, standing to be an industry-wide milestone.

The announcement of the NEOOntology Blockchain solution for the Internet of the future was made public earlier today in a metropolis meeting. Although both companies enjoy certain similarities with regards to nativity and niche, they, however, have their distinct features that would be pertinent towards the establishment of a transparent and secure cross-chain protocol for the Internet of the future.

The partnership marks a major breakthrough as blockchain serves to be the next best thing after the Internet. Subsequently, the development of such a project that takes into consideration the most neoteric and decentralized mechanisms – the Internet and blockchain, has as of recently been highly anticipated.

And as renowned fintech companies – Ontology and NEO, come together to see to the creation of this platform, the association would in-turn foster accelerated industry growth by leveraging parties’ strengths in a bid to birth an efficient and inclusive interoperability protocol for the Internet.

On that note, both parties would provide their individual platform functionalities along with a restructured and strategic approach to ensure a fully compatible and interoperable decorum. Obviously, NEO would concentrate on the development of protocols and components that would support a full spectrum of digital assets. While Ontology focuses on the design of long-lasting and decentralized identity frameworks.

Elaborating on the affiliated project, the CEO and Founder of both the Onchain and NEO blockchain corporations added:

“This partnership represents the next step for not only NEO and Ontology but also the future of the blockchain industry as we pioneer a collaborative approach to solving tough problems. By building the foundation for a global cross-chain platform, we look forward to delivering real-life solutions and uses for blockchain by surmounting challenges and issues together.

As we enter our next development phase, we hope to further accelerate industry growth by synergizing our strengths as China’s top two blockchain projects while also encouraging more projects and companies to join us in building the foundation for the next-gen Internet.”

Li Jun, Founder of Ontology also noted:

“By building an open and global cross-chain system, NEO and Ontology will promote cross-chain value exchange as well as business collaboration to establish the foundational infrastructure for the next-gen Internet. By continuously bolstering our technology and community, we aim to accelerate the development of blockchain applications for various industries to deliver diverse real-use cases.”

With the advancement of this partnership agreement, both parties involved are pioneering a disruptive effort towards realizing a next-generation Internet of the future as part of a long term goal to bring about a decentralized smart economy onto an already existing decentralized platform as the Internet.

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