New dApp to Manage Your Crypto Launches Governance Rewards Program

Place/Date: - May 14th, 2021 at 8:04 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: CryptoZen

New dApp to Manage Your Crypto Launches Governance Rewards Program

CryptoZen is a platform that essentially has the ability to connect a variety of different De-Fi solutions and make them as accessible as possible to everyday users. Imagine a scenario where you are a person that has never even heard about cryptocurrencies before, and instead of being overwhelmed by the plethora of information thrown your way, you have a streamlined workflow that will give you all of the information you actually require and does not overwhelm you with unnecessary clutter. This is the main goal CryptoZen strives to achieve, and it doesn’t just end there.

Another main aspect of CryptoZen that makes it an appealing option as well as special to use is the fact that it actually rewards its users through a sophisticated rewards system that works through the Ninja token. This means that every loyal user out there can pay low fees on the platform when they hold it, and they are also rewarded in numerous other ways. CryptoZen also allows for transfers without an ETH address and users can transact by using their email addresses instead.

CryptoZen will make it a possibility for just about any person out there to be fully able to enjoy the benefits the platform provides. The more currency that is connected to the protocol, the more yield you can acquire to the yield farming pools available to you. The vision behind CryptoZen is to improve the convenience of the De-Fi system as a whole and allow users to access each and every advantage through an easy-to-understand interface.

However, CryptoZen does not only stop there, but it also provides its users with benefits. The idea behind the reward program as a whole is to help the community grow and achieve success by participating throughout different aspects of the CryptoZen dApp development cycle. By doing so, they will be continuously rewarded if the members actively participate in the program.

Another key function of CryptoZen is its governance program, which is important for just about any cryptocurrency platform. CryptoZen’s main goal is to bring power to the community and reward all of their efforts when it comes to using the dApp itself.

When it comes to the governance portal, it allows people to have the opportunity to submit proposals, vote, and report bugs. This can be seen at

This is done through several stages, such as voting, scheduling, development, and implementation.

Users can vote for proposals, and all of the votes are collected from the community members.

Once they become the highest voted proposals, features, and bugs, they get scheduled for the development cycle where the community is informed on the first day.

At the development process, the suggested proposals get into active development. Finally, in the implementation process, things that have been developed simply get added into the dApp environment.

Learn more about CryptoZen at, and to start participating in the governance rewards program head on over to