New Decentralized Aggregation Financial Platform USF.Finance Committed to the Value-added and Safety of Digital Assets

December 21st, 2021 at 9:17 pm UTC · 8 min read

New Decentralized Aggregation Financial Platform USF.Finance Committed to the Value-added and Safety of Digital Assets

USF.Finance is a Web3.0 decentralized aggregate wallet, covering storage, trading, mining, data, Web3.0 and other asset services, aiming to provide users with safe, fast and easy-to-use crypto management tools to make the value-added of digital assets more safely and smoothly.

USF.Finance, as the world’s emerging multichain self-custodial wallet, supports industry-leading public chains such as BTC, ETH, BSC, Solana, HECO, OKEx, TRON, Polkadot, etc. The wallet private key is stored in the user’s own device and is permanently physically Isolate, never link to third-party platforms, and the ownership of digital assets will be completely in the hands of users.

USF.Finance Wallet Advantages


USF Wallet is a decentralized aggregation wallet in the new era of Web3.0. It is created by top security experts in the international blockchain industry. It uses offline private keys, multi-signature agreements, and multilayer security and privacy protection mechanisms to ensure that the private key of every user is unique, and the user holds it himself, and will never be stored on the Internet.


USF Wallet not only provides decentralized asset storage solutions, but also provides the most powerful asset management functions and value-added services, such as Binance Spot and Binance Leverage, which can be traded freely. The world’s mainstream DApp applications can be reached here, and the hottest DeFi project list and various asset data can be captured at the first time.It is designed to fully meet the needs of users, and users can enjoy a seamless digital asset self-management experience.


USF Wallet has thousands of seed users participating in the initial stage of the product, and the current monthly normal transaction volume is about 1,000 BTC. The transaction depth and safe and smooth user experience like Binance have prompted them to become the first loyal fans of USF Wallet.

Since its creation, USF Wallet has been serving users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world as the target group. With its own rich basic functions and silky interactive experience, it has provided strong community user support for the USF Wallet global ecology.


USF token is the global ecological coin of the USF wallet. The holder of the token can exercise voting rights on key issues in the global ecosystem of the USF wallet.

USF.Finance Crypto Finance Ecological Fund and Ecological Construction: Aims to encourage developers to build new DeFi and Web3.0 high-value chain applications based on the USF open wallet platform. According to its development plan, USF Wallet will use profitable assets for the repurchase and destruction of USF tokens, and deposit the remaining assets into the USF.Finance Crypto Finance Ecological Fund for efficient and long-term governance of the USF global community.

New Decentralized Aggregation Financial Platform USF.Finance Committed to the Value-added and Safety of Digital Assets


— Direct access to top international trading platforms, safe and stable in the whole transactions

USF Wallet received strong support from Binance, the world’s top trading platform at its initial stage. In order to empower the value of USF Wallet, the two parties are linked through the crypto configuration of accounts and data. Specifically,USF Wallet transactions and Binance trading plates are interconnected. When using the USF wallet, users can also connect to the trading section and conduct currency transactions and leveraged transactions as in Binance. Based on Binance’s strong technical advantages and international brand background, the security and stability of users in USF wallet transactions will be as unparalleled as Binance.

— Credible data on the real-time chain & Intuitive transaction data
USF Wallet, of which the trading section directly connects to Binance, realizes the real-time update of data on the crypto asset chain, and uses multi-layer crypto algorithms to ensure that the wallet data is closely related to the Binance account.It is committed to provide a safe and reliable asset transaction environment and data privacy attributes. Especially at the level of transaction data, USF Wallet uses irreversible crypto storage and cloud database to ensure the privacy and security of asset exchange before and after the transaction. Each transaction is confirmed through the security signature on the wallet side, allowing users to trade freely without worrying about privacy.

— No KYC required for digital identity verification & No threshold for transactions

USF Wallet is a decentralized multi-chain aggregation wallet. Every user can create a digital decentralized identity (DID) on the platform. The identity is based on blockchain technology and fully protects user privacy through crypto algorithms. Users can use all the functions and services in the USF wallet unimpededly, and same to the trading section.And there is no need for KYC and other complicated and centralized authentication thresholds. Users can conduct DEX transactions anytime and anywhere in the USF wallet.

New Decentralized Aggregation Financial Platform USF.Finance Committed to the Value-added and Safety of Digital Assets

USF Finance Market Analysis

  • The trend of WEB3.0

In the recent background of the rapid development of Web3.0 promoted by blockchain technology and the digitization of individual identity and industry service along with it, various DApps are of high demand and will become the primary way for users to directly involve themselves in the digital age. Among which, decentralized wallets stand out as the entrance to the crypto world.

USF Finance, a decentralized web3.0 crypto aggregation service platform, focusing on the assets autonomy and value return for users. It will go with the trend of this era and create value for users.

  • Asset Storage and Payment basis

At present, numerous public chains, protocols, DApps are springing out, and the dazzling new digital assets keep popping up. In the meantime, digital assets are increasingly gaining acceptance with the modern financial industry, and encrypted payments are highly expected to become one of the mainstream payment methods in the near future.

Decentralized wallets, as payment gateway in crypto world, have gathered lots of users and pooled mountainous digital assets, and it will create great opportunities for asset management and appreciation in the trend said above. As for USF Finance, it has plans to integrate with SocialFi platforms and other DeFi projects, which will further ensure its bright future.

  • A Solution to Crypto World

The development of the blockchain industry is a journey mixed with risks and opportunities since its creation, whether it’s industrial revolution or strict regulation.
USF Finance is a brand-new solution for the tremendous pressure faced by the current crypto world. USF Finance is a decentralized aggregation service platform, the foundation of it is asset storage, safe harbor is data protection, and benchmark is transaction security. In fact, USF Finance has optimized the functions based on the existing mainstream wallets and then innovated itself to guard the principle of decentralization.

  • Dapp Flow Entrance

Blockchain applications are emerging in succession, and decentralized wallets will become the real flow entrance for web3.0. The importance of decentralized wallets as a tool to assist users in managing digital assets is self-evident when users are interacting with DApps and digital assets.
Crypto users need user-friendly platforms to get into DApps and decentralized wallets are natural places for it. As a security tool, USF Finance provides the built-in DApp market and brand bar to open the door to the decentralized ecosystems for users, and its independent authorization and interaction with third-party DApps will allow users to explore the infinite possibilities of the crypto world.

  • The Team

USF Finance has already been in in-depth cooperation with and supported by the world’s top exchanges Binance and OKEx at the design stage of USF.

USF Wallet, the core team members are from Southeast Asia (Singapore) with many years of experience in blockchain product development, operation, and network security. The USF Finance technical team has more than ten years of rich experience in anti-theft and anti-attack system control. As a development team that has been deeply involved in blockchain for many years, USF Wallet is constantly committed to tackling the pain points in the crypto world.

New Decentralized Aggregation Financial Platform USF.Finance Committed to the Value-added and Safety of Digital Assets

The Creation of USF Finance

The mission of USF Finance is to create value and freedom for the blockchain. USF is your handheld wallet to assure your asset appreciation.

USF Finance is about to conduct a Public Beta for users around the world at the beginning of 2022: 100,000 USF token airdrop and release at its launch! Stay tuned.USF Wallet always takes the user’s digital asset security as the first priority and strives to create a safe, fast, easy-to-use decentralized aggregation service platform.

In the future, digital assets will be the main service medium of the society and be kept in a decentralized wallet to realize easy control of your assets. USF Wallet will keep optimizing functions such as asset storage, transaction, Dapp integration, Swap, Web3.0 community governance, etc., to safely and conveniently solve the immediate needs of community users.

New Decentralized Aggregation Financial Platform USF.Finance Committed to the Value-added and Safety of Digital Assets