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Missed a Hundredfold Revenue Target Coin Axie? Heimdallr Deserves Your Attention!

December 21st, 2021 at 9:05 pm UTC · 4 min read

The competition in blockchain games is gradually increasing, a significant number of gaming projects have launched a large-scale financial token issuance in response to the heat of Axie, and the entire industry is being harmed by the hyped concept of fake projects. When will a new generation of projects arise to fight with Axie? Here’s a look at Heimdallr, a blockchain game that has the potential to challenge Axie.

Heimdallr is the world’s first multi-chain metaverse ecosystem, combining SocialFi, GameFi, and NFT. Players can acquire and pillage resources here, as well as establish their own domain alliances, defend themselves against foreign invasion, and conquer neighboring domains. Everything the player accomplishes in this metaverse revolves on “resources.” Players acquire robots to collect resources, employ battleships to pillage others for resources, and even start colonization to gain more resources. In a summary, resources are the Heimdallr’s primary driving factor.

Missed a Hundredfold Revenue Target Coin Axie? Heimdallr Deserves Your Attention!

It is “Resources” that Drives the Metaverse’s Ecological Prosperity

Around resources, Heimdallr creates the closed-loop metaverse ecosystem. All of the players’ activities are ultimately aimed at obtaining more “resources,” and resources can only be consumed in two ways: One option is to upgrade players’ “science and technology level” by enhancing equipment items. The second option is to convert directly into EBK for cash. The Heimdallr native token, EBK, is primarily utilized to carry the value of the entire metaverse ecosystem.

  • Build Core Gameplay

In all, Heimdallr uses “resources” to achieve two basic gameplay objectives: “collecting” and “fighting.” Gathering is finding more resources and then using them to improve yourself. Combat is a process in which players pillage resources, and the foundation of combat victory is to strengthen themselves as much as possible through resources and increase their “technical level.”

A complete loop of value chain is constructed from inflow to outflow, driven by the value of Heimdallr’s “resources.” During this process, the value of “resources” is steadily increased, driving the price of token EBK upwards. Higher-priced EBK and “resources” will feed back into Heimdallr ecosystem, creating a positive cycle in the meta-cosmic economic model.

Using Economic Model to Shape the Growth Potential of EBK Tokens

“Resource” drives Heimdallr’s economic growth through high demand and high usage, but EBK, which is anchored to “resource,” will gradually move onto the development path of “high value” under its drive.

The game is in its early stages of development at the start of the game, when many people begin exploring the game, and each player needs to spend resources to improve themselves, therefore the worth of resources begins to increase silently.

During the game’s development stage, the value of resources will enhance the return rate of EBK, attracting more players and increasing the demand for resources, raising the value of EBK once more and producing the “blockchain game enrichment effect.” With the game’s gradual expansion, “Resources” and EBK have developed a closed-loop positive growth model, which began to feed back into the metaverse’s ecology, attracting more players and driving Heimdallr’s value dividend toward a long-term and stable value development route.

Missed a Hundredfold Revenue Target Coin Axie? Heimdallr Deserves Your Attention!

With Multiple Advantages, EBK is Expected to Grow

The EBK and Heimdallr positive cycle model connects the player to the ecosystem. While “playing to earn,” the player may also keep EBK for a long time to obtain the value bonus dependent on the metaverse’s evolution.

Along with EBK’s comprehensive value, it can be said that players’ revenue at Heimdallr will be diversified. Increasing dividends and gaming income will also aggregate players’ consensus on EBK and serve as a support point for EBK’s rising value, enhancing EBK’s capital asset characteristic.

It is expected that EBK will have a favorable correlation with Heimdallr’s growth.


GameFi is still in its early stages, but the notion of a Hundredfold Value token is gathering acceptance among a large user base. Heimdallr uses “resources” as a hub to connect ecological values, player groups, and blockchain game development, resulting in a multi-chain metaverse ecosystem with consensus, value, and flow. With the token EBK, Heimdallr carries the value of the entire metaverse to create a hundredfold value token for the next generation of blockchain games.

Of course, for Heimdallr, the 100-fold increase in the value of blockchain game tokens is just the beginning. Heimdallr will use encryption, AR/VR, and AIoT technologies to enhance the metaverse infrastructure and connect the virtual and real worlds!