A New Era of Blockchain Gaming and Building, Powered by the 1-UP Ecosystem

Place/Date: - March 22nd, 2022 at 10:47 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: 1-UP

A New Era of Blockchain Gaming and Building, Powered by the 1-UP Ecosystem

1-UP, the new NFT powered 2D gaming platform that decentralizes battle royale and E-sports tournaments for gamers. Participation also allows users to create game content and earn revenue.

The 1-UP team incorporates two custom-built game engines to enable real-time e-sports style combat experiences. Understanding the importance of modding and character personalization in video gaming, 1-UP is one of the first blockchain-enabled platforms to offer users an easy-to-use toolkit similar to Roblox. Users create custom content as NFTs, bringing all-new dynamics into the blockchain-enabled gaming space.

1-UP’s roadmap includes building game studios in Vietnam to expand the team, rapidly accelerating the development process and new offerings for the platform.

Dynamic NFTs for a Dynamic Gameplay Experience

1-UP’s ecosystem and gameplay make use of cutting-edge NFT technology from their new partner, Phantasma, a carbon-negative gaming blockchain. Utilizing Phantasma’s advanced Smart NFT capabilities, features familiar to gamers, such as forging, character customization and more are now available on the blockchain.

1-UP will be attending, alongside Phantasma, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2022 in San Francisco to promote our projects hand-in-hand. As the world’s largest professional game industry event, GDC brings together 28,000 attendees to share ideas and shape the industry’s future.

Win + Build + Play + Guild = Earn

The 1-UP platform is creating a P2E model that will allow any gamer to generate income in a variety of ways:

  • WIN TO EARN by competing against other players in arena mode, team deathmatches, and battle royale. Wager in 10-100 player games, cash out in crypto, and host tournaments for your community.
  • BUILD TO EARN by creating custom in-game content such as skins, game levels, textures, and sound packs, earning royalties as your content is used.
  • PLAY TO EARN grinding through free-to-play games to win dynamic NFT components, collecting stacks of components and skins for upgradable NFTs. Climb the ranks and gain access to special forging rooms, earning badges and rewards as you grow.
  • GUILD TO EARN with a dedicated user interface for guild management. Owners can create highly skilled player teams, participate in W2E or P2E games with automated profit splits, and form content creator guilds for a collaborative build to earn experience.

Blockchain Gaming Comes to Mobile App Stores

Since 2021, the smartphone has been the most important device for Internet access compared to desktop computers. Understanding this trend is a key factor in 1-UP’s business model, which currently has the 1-UP mobile platform approved by Google Play, and is currently under review by iOS App Store.

Generation One NFT Mint

Visit our website at www.1-up.fun and learn more about our Gen One NFT mint. These mints will unlock original characters, weapons, and armor, as well as grant access to exclusive staking pools only for Gen One NFT holders.

In addition to a dedicated community of blockchain enthusiasts and gamers, the first beta game called “Retro World” is available for public play now for Pc, Mac and Android.

Join us, and 1-UP your game experience: Telegram, Discord, Twitter.