Newton Project Set to Open Global Economy for Everyone

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Newton Project Set to Open Global Economy for Everyone
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The Newton project is building the community economy that will provide everyone with opportunities to get benefits from economic growth.

With today’s technologies, it has become possible to revolutionize different spheres of our life. And the economy is not an exception. How will the economy of the future look like? While the majority of us are just trying to guess, some others are building the future with their own hands (and techs).

What is Newton

Newton that provides the infrastructure of the community economy is a very bright example. The team staying behind this project deeply believes that every person on our planet should have an opportunity to become a part of the global economy and to get benefits from economic growth.

It is believed that one day the monopolies of intermediaries that are operated by traditional commercial organizations will be replaced by the community economy that will be managed only by non-profit foundations.

The technologies that are expected to replace middlemen are designed to reduce transaction costs and bring more transparency and openness to the system.

Being registered in Singapore, Newton has managed to reach a global scale. Its international team includes outstanding professionals from China, Japan, Malaysia, the US, and other countries.

The project is currently working in 89 markets and its Telegram groups have more than 170,000 members from different countries.

NewMall to Change the Game

At the moment the Newton ecosystem is actively preparing for the launch of its own e-commerce platform dubbed NewMall that is said to become a real Blockchain Amazon. Already now the platform is available in a test version, nevertheless, later this month it will be officially launched.

What makes NewMall so special? Making any purchase on this marketplace, a client gets NEW tokens as a reward. Purchase data is fully protected and owned by clients. Moreover, among other peculiarities, we should name trusted logistics channel products, anti-counterfeiting measures and NewIoT devices.

The launch of NewMall will be a real milestone for the industry.

Digital Wallet with Community Governance Functions

Members of the Newton community have an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of its native NewPay wallet. This digital wallet was launched only on March 15 but it has been already downloaded for more than 130,000 times from App Store and Google Play.

It’s a unique wallet that has community governance functions and has marked the beginning of a new era – an era of human node operations.

The contribution from the side of community members is extremely important for building the ecosystem but the ecosystem is ready to provide relevant incentives.

NEW Token on Huobi Prime

But it is still not the end of the things that you should know about this project. Its NEW token that serves as a proof of rights in the Newton ecosystem is already listed on Huobi Prime. Now the token can be used within the Newton ecosystem for various use cases.

Though it is just the first time when NEW will be listed on a major exchange, it is expected that in the future its scales will be expanded.

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