Bitto Launches ICO to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry

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Bitto Launches ICO to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry
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A cryptocurrency exchange Bitto is here to diversify obvious crypto exchange’s operations, and make crypto trading more people-oriented. ICO is live.

While during the last years the amount of people interested in cryptocurrencies has been skyrocketing, a lot of demand has been placed on cryptocurrency exchanges, turning the industry into quite a serious, opportunity-rich business sector.

The industry’s giants  include such exchanges as Binance,  Bithumb, Bitfinex, etc. As many other exchanges, they earn money from imposing fees on users for each of the trading operation they carry out. In this ordinary course of business, exchanges, indeed, benefit much more than the traders.

Still, even this rule has its exception – cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitto, which will not only charge those using their services, but also reward them.

Bitto is a one stop solution cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides its users with much more opportunities than just a chance to buy and sell a particular cryptocurrency across the platform. Trading cryptocurrencies is not the only reason to turn to the Bitto platform – using this platform, people can also earn money and gain rewards through a number of different ways.

For example, users can earn passive Bitto coins daily via staking on the exchange; or earn live commission from each trading operation that their referred users make on the platform; or they can lend funds to other traders and users via the platform’s lending facility, which will bring them daily interest up to 18% (moreover, it can be done really fast on P2P basis, without involvement of a third party).

And that’s not all the benefits users can get. Any inexperienced crypto trader, or a person, who wants to enhance his or her returns, now has an opportunity to follow traders, who have a proven track record of successful profitable trading operations across the Bitto platform. So, while skilled traders earn money via the platform’s copy trading and signal type service, other users can earn as well.

At the moment all the interested people can become platform’s token holders as the Bitto ICO is live. Though first stage of the ICO with a 34% bonus for its participants has just finished, there is enough time left till the end of the sale.

By the way, the participants of other Bitto ICO stages have the opportunity to receive bonuses as well. Stage two participants will get a 22.5% bonus, an 11.25% bonus will be offered at stage three, and a 5.625% bonus will be granted at stage four.

Bitto ICO contributors will also have the possibility to gain benefits in the form of temporary or permanent liberation from trading fees, depending on the contributions made. Moreover, Bitto token holders will have a chance to enjoy discounted trading fees on the exchange platform by using Bitto Tokens for offsetting the fees.

The company is also going to propose a buyback program. in the framework of which a certain percentage of profits will be used by Bitto on the open market, meaning these tokens will be removed from circulation. This will slowly reduce market supply, increasing staking and hodlers’ coins value over time.

With more cryptocurrencies being added onto Bitto Exchange, more users are becoming interested in the exchange, resulting in the demand for Bitto tokens increase.

To sum it up, it’s worth saying that Bitto exchange offers its users a wide range of opportunities, much wider than its current rivals do. Staking, lending and borrowing facilities, earning possibilities as well as high level of safety are believed to attract a great number of users and investors, who will have an opportunity to benefit from the platform’s growth.

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