Will the New Quirky NFT Collection “The Presidents” Become a Part of Digital Art History?  

Place/Date: - October 27th, 2021 at 4:03 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: The Presidents

Will the New Quirky NFT Collection “The Presidents” Become a Part of Digital Art History?  

What if playing online games were more than a hobby, but also earned you extra cash on the side? A recent trend called GameFi is doing just that, giving gamers the chance to work hard while they play hard. “The Presidents,” a new NFT collection, has embraced the GameFi trend to create an online ecosystem where participants can play games, receive financial rewards, and make managing decisions. 

The collection, featuring 20,000 portraits of 50 influential leaders in world history, can be minted on the website. The project, which just came out, is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

“The Presidents” collection includes state leaders, as well as heavy hitters from cryptocurrency and blockchain-enabled organizations, such as Binance, Ethereum, and TRON. Each NFT from the collection can be minted for 0.3 Binance Coin (BNB), and is one-of-a-kind on any existing blockchain.

All portraits are generated by applying AI algorithms that enrich baseline images, initially created by the artists, with “traits” or special features, such as zombie eyes, bandanas, and leather jackets.

There are eight categories to choose from: World, World Legends, USA, USA Legends, Soviet, Crypto, Secrets, and an individual avatar of Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of the protocol used in blockchains. Once all 20,000 Presidents are minted, the project will reveal the identities of the two secret avatars.

Collectors who mint Presidents will be placed into cashback pools of 3% (cashback of up to 180 BNB) for 50 Presidents and 7% (cashback of up to 420 BNB) for 150 Presidents. This means that the project gives users 600 BNB in return as a loyalty bonus.

Once all 20,000 Presidents are minted, the online ecosystem will kickstart. The project will release access to its app, a game called Cards, allowing users to bet their Presidents, compete with other collectors, and acquire the platform’s governance token. The more Presidents a user has, the more power they stand to gain in the emerging “Presidents” ecosystem. With the governance token, users can vote and influence decisions on upgrades, partnerships, and more.  

Each user also has the opportunity to receive a personal referral link. When the link is used by someone else to mint Presidents, the user whose link is used will receive 10% of the total transaction amount. 

These features could make “The Presidents” an appealing prospect for users who want to be part of something bigger, without losing the lower-stakes community and camaraderie of RPG gameplay. This collection has the potential to make a name for itself in the history of digital art as the first NFT project where global leaders allowed the people to take ownership. 

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