NFT Game Zomfi Finishes Seed and Private Round Raises with Over $2M from High-profile Investors

November 29th, 2021 at 6:30 pm UTC · 3 min read

NFT Game Zomfi Finishes Seed and Private Round Raises with Over $2M from High-profile Investors

Zomfi, an NFT game where players can collect $Zomfi token, has finished their $2.6m seed and private round sales with strong connections to launchpads, advisors, and prominent investors.

The closing of their raise will fund their continued development of the game, which is slated to launch in January 2022 in an alpha phase. The funding round was led by Roseon Finance, X21 Digital, Everse Capital, Basics Capital, Magnus Capital, and Misfit Venture Partners.

Allan Ta,  Co-founder of Roseon Finance, said,

“We’re excited to support Zomfi and see where they go.  Zomfi is one of the few first games on the market that will change the landscape of what crypto games will look like and we look forward to working with the team to ensure they reach their goals and milestones.”

In Zomfi, players will be able to roam through a zombie apocalypse to collect gear and fight off zombies while earning tokens. Players can also use those digital tokens to buy more gear and advance to other levels. Zomfi combines the ever-popular genre of zombies with blockchain, producing 3D immersive gameplay that hasn’t been seen before in the crypto market. The game is being built as a play2earn platform that incorporates NFT’s into the game on the BSC network with a smart contract.

Zomfi aims to appeal to a large audience and understands the cost of playing NFT games and as such, have priced their weapons to start at $20.00, which allows for a wide array of players to be able to participate. Currently, Zomfi is targeting the Southeast East Asian market and will propose a scholarship program for those in the Philippines. Eventually, the team would like to expand to other markets as the demand for NFT games increases.

Link Johnny Yang, CEO of Zomfi has said,

“We’re excited that our game has gained so much traction in the crypto community and attracted such valuable partners that have helped guide us along the way.  Our partnerships will allow us to really expand the outreach of our game and provide us with great leadership.  With the end of our raise done, this will now allow the team to concentrate on our upcoming IDO scheduled on December 1st and 2nd on Enjinstarter, Gamestation, and Roseonpad.  There has been a lot of buzz about our game and we know the public sale will go quickly.”

About Zomfi

The team behind Zomfi has a strong game-development background and have created multiple games in the last 5+ years, concentrating on escape, horror, and zombie games. With their background, they are trying to create a game that will really engage players in a compelling storyline while also allowing them to keep playing long-term. With an achievement-based reward system, players will be able to earn $ZOMFI on one account as they explore the expansive world. An NFT sale of weapons, gear, and more is also slated to occur after the initial IDO, allowing players the chance to arm their characters.

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