NFT Loot Boxes Called MoonBoxes Are Launching Soon for Creators and Collectors

Place/Date: - August 25th, 2021 at 12:31 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Moonshot

Among the things that give non-fungible tokens (NFTs) their value is their built-in scarcity. Unlike a dollar bill, which is fungible and can be exchanged one for another, NFTs are unique, giving them a built-in collectible value and, in extreme cases, driving prices into the seven figures. Moonshot, a project built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), is launching a limited edition space-themed NFT collection consisting of 1000 NFTs soon, using the MoonBoxes concept, which could be an exciting opportunity for NFT enthusiasts.

MoonBoxes are virtual boxes that contain NFTs, which can be purchased using BNB tokens. The first series of NFTs inside the MoonBoxes will be introduced by an animated series called “The MoonShooter.” Using their DApp called ‘MoonBase,’ you will be able to buy your Moonbox, open it and receive a unique NFT, which will vary in rarity.

These NFTs will be revealed to the purchaser within 24 hours or once all 1000 pieces have been sold. Some NFTs are tied to a prize pool, making the owner eligible to claim part of the rewards. Once the sale concludes, the remaining NFTs from any unsold MoonBoxes will be “burned” and removed from circulation forever. Thus, potentially drastically increasing the value of the purchased NFTs due to their increased scarcity. This collection will be the first collectibles release of the MoonShooter series in which ‘the astronaut’ will be the main character.

The MoonShooter NFTs consists of six different design frameworks:

  • “Asteroids”
  • “Floating In Space”
  • “Astronaut In The Ocean”
  • “Inside The Rocket”
  • “In Front Of The Rocket”
  • “Standing On The Moon”

The team recently announced that creators will be able to use the MoonBox concept. The MoonBase DApp launchpad will essentially be an INO (Initial NFT Offering) platform. Using a loot box mechanism, NFT projects/artists will offer their NFT collectibles by opening the MoonBoxes. These MoonBoxes will guarantee fair and random distribution and early supporters will be able to open these MoonBoxes by paying BNB and receiving an NFT in return. The NFT drops will be randomized and Moonshot will facilitate this drop and give exposure to the creators’ projects.

The limited edition space themed NFTs will be launched first and according to the Moonshot team this launch will go live before mid-September 2021.

About Moonshot

Moonshot is a community driven blockchain project built on the Binance Smart Chain operating with a frictionless yield & liquidity generation protocol. The project launched in March 2021 and is releasing an INO launchpad, animated NFT series, NFT gamification assets, arcade style games for competitive playing and a lottery.

MoonBase INO applications are open to creators and projects who want to use MoonBoxes to release their NFT collections, please contact: [email protected]

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