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NFT Market Gets To Celebrities: Several Stars To List Mentoring As Lots In NFT EVOLUTION

April 9th, 2021 at 10:00 am UTC · 2 min read

The NFT market has warmed to its high. Cards with logos and sometimes meaningless pictures are sold for millions of dollars. And the more famous the artist and the more demanded the celebrity involved are the more expensive the lot becomes.

The EVOLUTION project decided to give full contact with famous people. Several investors will receive personal mentoring with worldwide known entrepreneurs as the main lot as well as online training and consultations with bodybuilders.

Their names are still being kept secret but the two facts are obvious.

Fact 1: It is insanely profitable for the stars to increase interest in themselves with the help of NFT market as well as to make huge money using NFT for mentoring and consulting at the same time making huge amounts of money. They are ready to break into the market and it is not so important whether they do it with innovative EVOLUTION project or not.

Fact 2: “early risers” in EVOLUTION are able to increase their funds when at one moment a lot with a mysterious star is opened for them. That’s a direct way for its price to go up hundreds of times.

The fastest money in the crypto world is made when a coin or token gets listed on a major exchange or after a powerful news feed. Early users of this project are ready to use a similar strategy. Each news and celebrity’s personality being revealed inevitably increases interest and popularity of EVOLUTION.

But the mechanics and tokenomics of the EVOLUTION project provide benefits even without attracting stars for promoting it. Every user will have the ability to go through the evolutionary path of his lot from a Neanderthal man to a man of the future. Its value increases with every day and stage. A similar mechanic has already been successfully used in several similar NFT projects, but it never came to attracting celebrities.