NFTime Floats Metaverse Driven Social Media Platform for Web 3.0 Users

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NFTime Floats Metaverse Driven Social Media Platform for Web 3.0 Users
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The NFTM token is currently unavailable in circulation but is slated to be launched following an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) that is scheduled for the 15th of this month.

Innovations in the fast-growing metaverse world are advancing and cutting through various themes, one of which is through the creation of a social media platform as is being pioneered by NFTime. The metaverse push is still in its infancy and has enjoined participation even amongst global brands including Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE), and Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) amongst others.

As a startup, NFTime is pioneering a rare innovation in an exponentially growing world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by creating a Social Media space that will unite Web 3.0 users. In addition to this primary capability, NFTime is creating a Meta Gallery in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) respectively.

The State of the Metaverse

The metaverse is a broad term that defines a virtual world where people can interact in real-time. While in its infancy, the future of the metaverse as is being projected by innovators will allow users to experience a lot of intriguing activities such as holding private exhibitions in the metaverse. As one of the primary innovations inherent in the NFTime ecosystem, these private exhibitions can be achieved by selling invitation tickets as NFTs.

The metaverse encompasses NFTs, gaming, and more with the industry projected to be worth over $1 trillion by Grayscale Investments. The digital currency asset manager said in its report that the revenue from the metaverse will be worth $400 billion by 2025, a figure that is small compared to the potential for established gaming brands to move into the space.

NFTime is positioning itself to be a key part of the metaverse and ride the train until the industry attains full-blown maturity.

A Peak Into the NFTime Platform

The NFTime ecosystem is designed by a team of experienced developers to offer a unique user experience. The platform creates an avenue for anyone anywhere in the world to create and sell NFTs while building a platform where users can connect and chat on the platform.

Through the NFTime platform, users can set up a functional profile and upload their NFTs online to form a gallery that other users can visit and appreciate. The broad user experiences the platform offers are further extended to a profile rating feature that is expressed in value terms.

With many forms of creative works now being turned into NFTs, the NFTime platform supports a diverse category including art, music, sport, games, nature, and charity. The platform’s operations are simple and work just like any other NFT project. Users will need to connect their wallets with the platform by clicking the wallet icon, this process can be followed by the setting up of the user’s collection which can be done by adding links on the user’s social media accounts, a description, profile, and banner images.

Once these preliminary setups have been done, users can then upload their NFTs, add descriptions and customize them in a way that spells creativity. Uploaded NFTs can be listed for sale either via the auction or fixed-price listing method respectively.

The NFTime platform also offers additional features such as the ability to comment and like on other user’s content, the daily ranking of top posts, discover section based on the user’s preferences, lists of favorites, the list of top creators, a rating system and advanced search with more features to be integrated in the near future.

The NFTime platform is running with a clearly defined roadmap that is billed to systematically propel the ecosystem towards its full functionality. The current roadmap will attain optimal growth by Q4, 2022 in which new blockchains for creating NFTs as well as advertising analytics will be incorporated.

The NFTM Token

The NFTM token is currently unavailable in circulation but is slated to be launched following an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) that is scheduled for the 15th of this month. The IDO is billed to take place in various phases with the price of the asset programmed to increase following each 3 million tokens sold.

The NFTime platform is easy to use and incurs no fees, however, as an Ethereum built project, network charges may apply. For the pack of innovation that is being incubated by the NFTime platform, the protocol is sure to sit at a very pivotal point in the Web3.0 future that is set to dive into the mainstream in no time.

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